The fact of opting for a cheap graphics card does not necessarily imply choosing the one with the lowest price . On the contrary, there are many aspects that you must assess conscientiously, not only to opt for the best option in value for money, but simply not to fail in the purchase and acquire a model that is incompatible with your equipment .

In our guide we explain what are the keys to a graphics card which, as you know, is an extension of the motherboard and is housed in it, and its mission is to process the data that arrives from the CPU to transform it into information that can be represented on an output device.

However, we also tell you other important details about graphics cards, such as the factors that will lead you to discard, from the outset, one card or another: compatibility with the size of the motherboard , compatibility with monitor connections and the compatibility with the computer’s processor .

In addition, you should assess whether you prefer an AMD graphics card (great value for money) or you opt for an NVIDIA (with generally higher benefits). It is true that in graphics cards there is not much choice in terms of issues such as overclocking or the type of internal architecture, but taking a look at the aforementioned guide will help you to have a better knowledge of this component and choose with greater security .

What we offer you below is a brief comparison of 5 models of cheap graphics cards. And if your priority is to save on the price without giving up some features of this component, surely in this list you will find your ideal model. If you need a more powerful model, you can see this article with the best graphics cards on the market .

Analysis of cheap and good graphics cards for gaming

5 NVIDIA Zotac GeForce GT 710 1 GB

A fanless graphics card for light gaming




  • Base/Turbo Frequency : 954 MHz
  • GRAM memory : 1GB DDR3
  • Memory frequency :1600 MHz
  • Maximum resolution : 2560 x 1600
  • Required source power : 300W
  • Consumption : 25W
  • Puertos: DL-DVI x 1, VGA x 1, HDMI x 1

4GB version

We start our list of cheap graphics cards with a basic option, aimed at users who only play sporadically on their computer . This is the NVIDIA Zotac GeForce GT 710 1 GB , whose specifications reveal its modest nature: a discrete memory and a base frequency that works at a fairly contained speed.

It lacks a fan, since its power consumption is not very high (25 W) and the temperatures it usually reaches are not excessive. That translates positively into quiet operation and a fairly compact size .

Its range of ports can be considered an advantage: despite the fact that none of them respond to the DisplayPort standard, it does offer an interesting variety (DVI, VGA, HDMI), which guarantees compatibility with most monitors on the market and allows the connection three displays at the same time , as long as they are compatible with those standards.

And of course, another of its advantages is its price, since it is the cheapest model of this comparative graphics cards.

In summary: an interesting option for family computers on which low-demand titles are played , with discrete resolution screens (maximum 2K).

  • Price
  • ports
  • it is silent
  • low power


A graphics card for entry-level gamers


  • Base/Turbo Frequency : 902 MHz
  • GRAM memory : 2G DDR3
  • Memory frequency :1600 MHz
  • Maximum resolution : 4096 x 2160
  • Required source power : 300W
  • Ports : DVI-D x 1 / HDMI x 1 / D-Sub x 1

The NVIDIA GIGABYTE VGA GBT GT730 is a graphics card equivalent to the previous one, both in price and performance, but it incorporates some added advantages.

One of those ‘pluses’ is the built-in fan , 80 mm in diameter, whose objective is to keep the temperature at bay, since this graphics card does support more intensive use.

Another advantage is undoubtedly its AORUS software , which allows you to customize certain card settings in real time , such as the clock frequency, in order to further exploit performance.

On the other hand, the maximum resolution offered by this card is also higher than the NVIDIA Zotac GeForce GT 710 1 GB, in addition to having more powerful memory . And all this without requiring an additional power supply.

In any case, all these characteristics do not hide the fact that, despite everything, it is a graphics card with limited power, which will not be valid for use with the latest generation screens and maximum resolution , nor with gaming computers with powerful CPUs.

Therefore, it is still an option aimed at families and video games with simple graphics .

  • Software AORUS
  • Fan
  • limited power


A cheap graphics card with easily configurable settings


  • Base / Turbo Frequency : 1252 MHz / 1506 MHz
  • GRAM memory : 2G GDDR5
  • Memory frequency :6008 MHz
  • Maximum resolution : 7680 x 4320
  • Required source power : 300W
  • Puertos: DVI-D x 1 / HDMI x 1

The NVIDIA ASUS PH-GT1030-O2G can be considered the first great leap in quality in this list of cheap graphics cards : despite costing relatively little, its range of features is very wide.

The power of its turbo is striking , which considerably increases the speed of the GPU in its base operation. A speed, by the way, that can be configured very easily thanks to the GPU Tweak II software included in the product: it allows you to adjust this and other values ​​in real time, so gamers with some computer knowledge will know how to take advantage of this card.

Now, it should be noted that its range of ports is limited: it only offers two outputs , one DVI-D and the other HDMI, so only two screens can be connected at the same time .

Of course: the maximum resolution of these screens can be higher (4K, for example), on 60 Hz monitors. Another of the strong points that the brand highlights is its new double ball bearing fan, which reduces friction for a Increase its useful life and its dissipation capacity .

In addition, the dimensions of the card are small, so that it can be well integrated into a compact computer .

  • Software GPU Tweak II
  • Turbo
  • ports

2 NVIDIA PNY Quadro P400

A compact graphics card suitable for high-quality monitors


  • Base/Turbo Frequency :
  • GRAM memory : 2 GB GDDR5
  • Memory frequency :
  • Maximum resolution : 5120 × 2880
  • Consumption : 30W
  • Ports : Mini DisplayPort 1.4 x 3

The NVIDIA PNY Quadro P400 is another cheap graphics card that hardcore gamers can set their sights on .

However, the first thing to say is that the brand does not provide data on the frequencies of the card, which cannot be considered a good sign. However, the data that it does provide are interesting, especially two: the maximum resolution supported and , above all, the integrated ports: there are 3 Mini DisplayPort 1.4. Both details make this graphics card an option that is compatible with high-quality and latest-generation monitors (for example, 4K resolution at 60 Hz), even in computers that display the signal on three screens at the same time .

But be careful: this can also be a limitation, since monitors with other connection standards will be incompatible , unless adapters are used, with the loss of quality that can be derived from it (an adapter is included in the package). DVI).

In any case, the dimensions of this card, which mounts a single fan, are quite small, being suitable for compact computers .

  • ports
  • No frequency data

1 AMD Sapphire Nitro Radeon RX 470

AMD’s top student in this budget card niche


  • Base / Turbo Frequency : 1206 MHz / 1236 MHz
  • GRAM memory : 4 GB, GDDR5
  • Memory frequency : 1650 MHz
  • Maximum resolution : 3840 X 2160
  • Required source power : 120 W
  • Consumption : 85-110W
  • Ports : 1x DVI

In a list with cheap graphics cards we could not forget a proposal from AMD , always labeled as a manufacturer with good value for money . Paradoxically, it is the most expensive model in this comparison, but its high performance more than compensates for the sale price. In any case, it’s still a cheap graphics card.

Among its highlights are the two built-in fans and the 4GB graphics memory , which is also of a relatively recent generation : GDDR5.

There is also a performance leap over its previous generation (2.4 times greater) and its Polaris chip provides energy savings .

In spite of everything, we cannot ignore one detail: it only has one port and this is ‘only’ DVI.

In other words: its strong point is the power and speed when it comes to processing data (its base frequency is one of the best in this niche, although without significant improvements in turbo)… but the final result must be displayed on a screen of medium quality , since it lacks other higher standards, such as DisplayPort or HDMI (for the latter standard, it includes an adapter).

  • graphics memory
  • Energy saving
  • Turbo imperceptible
  • Shortage of ports

In summary…

The NVIDIA Zotac GeForce GT 710 1 GB is a graphics card designed for family gaming computers.

The NVIDIA GIGABYTE VGA GBT GT730 is a good choice for beginning gamers.

The NVIDIA ASUS PH-GT1030-O2G will appeal to gamers who are starting to customize their graphics card settings.

The NVIDIA PNY Quadro P400 will appeal to those who game on multiple high-quality displays.

The AMD Sapphire Nitro Radeon RX 470 is aimed at those looking for performance and fluidity at a contained price.

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