Technological gifts are gaining more and more prominence in the letters that the Three Wise Men receive every Christmas. For a long time now, gifts in this sector have coexisted with traditional toys, board games and sports equipment, and little by little, especially from adolescence, they have far surpassed these.

However, the Three Wise Men maintain a certain suspicion of giving away technology to minors. Perhaps they have some prejudice formulated on the basis of that negative association that has been forged due to the excessive time that little ones spend in front of electronic screens, but this does not mean that technology is bad. What experts in the field say is that limits should be set, in addition to a minimum age to start playing with electronic devices, but not that these are bad, far from it.

From here we encourage Their Majesties the Kings to give away technology to minors. The only thing that is necessary is to be aware of what you are choosing and the age of the minor, because it is not the same to give a gift to a 6-year-old as to a 16-year-old. Both are minors, but their needs are different and so are the risks that some have around them with respect to those that others have. The key is to give away something that is designed for the age group that the minor passes through, a product that is perfectly approved and that can provide something different to the child or adolescent in question. These are some of the most interesting proposals within the technological universe that this year the Three Wise Men can include among their gifts:


From seeing them so much in the adults around them, children end up having a special predilection for telephones, so they are usually especially excited when the Three Wise Men bring them one of these technological gifts suitable for their age but that actually looks like a smartphone. Such is the case with this design made by VTech for ages 5+.


This digital watch with built-in GPS is one of the perfect technological gifts to kill two birds with one stone because the child will be happy while their parents will feel a little calmer knowing that they can geolocate them at all times thanks to the watch that does not he wants to take off not even to sleep.

Robotics toy

Robotics is already giving work to many young people who are training to break into a job market where technology has a leading role. It does not guarantee anything to start them from small in this world with toys like this sphere in the shape of a soccer ball, but at least they will take a good learning experience mixed with fun.


If what the little one you are going to write the Three Kings for likes is music, these penguin and parrot-shaped speakers are the ideal gift. They have practically everything: USB port, microphone and LED screen and you can even link two speakers to get stereo sound. And they are easily transportable. A practical gift at the same time that it turned out.

Digital keyboard

The instruments are a gift that little by little is lost within everything that the Three Kings carry to satisfy the children of the whole country. However, there are still very interesting products that delight young and old who share their love of music. Few better gifts for this than the Casio digital keyboard with which to make the first musical steps.

My first computer

It happens very similar to what happens with the telephone, that seeing it, children want a computer. And more now that they are usually introduced to the world of computing very soon. There are many and varied options, especially depending on the age range of the child, but this one from Vtech looks excellent, hence our recommendation.

Digital board

The creative development of the little ones is expressed, among other things, through painting and writing, which is why it is so beneficial for them to give them freedom in this regard. If in any case you do not want to get a scare or other in the form of a painted wall, you can choose to give the Three Wise Men a digital whiteboard like this one from Menker.


We saved for the last bullet one of the technological gifts designed for adolescents, those who are also minors for the most part. The hoverboard already hit hard last year, and this one repeats due to the success achieved. Again, there are many options on the market, and one of the most interesting of this electric scooter that is sweeping the streets is the CitySports Balance Board.

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