It goes without saying that Whiskey Cavalier is great, which is why we want you to experience the sensation again. And is there a better way to achieve that goal than by creating this TOP of the 12 best series similar to Whiskey Cavalier ? We want it to be very complete.

To achieve this, we see the genres (Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Action, Adventure) of this series, the chained trends of our website and the Keywords in Google. For that reason, in this list you will be able to see a great variety.First of all, if you want to know curiosities about this series, you should see our entry on this series. And then we leave you a TOP 12 of the best series similar to Whiskey Cavalier:

1. Patriot

Some of you may find the choice to mix Patriota among the best series like Whiskey Cavalier an anomaly, but for us it is more than disputed.

To prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, intelligence agent John Tavern must give up all safety nets and assume a dangerous “front – unofficial” as a mid-level employee at a Midwestern industrial pipeline company.

2. LA’s Finest. LAPD

Although you find the initiative to put LA’s Finest. Los Angeles police officers with the best series like Whiskey Cavalier something unusual, but we believe that it is discussed.

Female spin-off of the film Bad Boys, LA’s Finest focuses on police officer Syd Burnett and her new life. After eliminating a drug cartel in Miami and Cuba, the young woman decides to leave her past behind to join the Los Angeles Police Department. In this new stage she is accompanied by Nancy McKenna, her new partner and her working mother who also has a dark past. Everything is going well between them until Nancy finds out that Syd might be hiding a big personal secret. This causes things between the two police officers to become complex.

3. Navy: criminal investigation

In the post about the best series similar to Whiskey Cavalier there must be a series as prominent as Navy: criminal investigation .

NCIS follows federal agents from the Major Case Response Team (occasionally it deals with terrorism, since NCIS is in charge of investigating possible terrorist attacks, as long as they are somehow related to the navy) of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, whose headquarters General is at the Washington Naval Arsenal in Washington DC. 

4. The robbers of the forest

In a post about series like Whiskey Cavalier there must always be Los ladrones del bosque .

Returning from the war, Jan discovers that the poor and sick of her village have been exiled to a forest. Sheriff Baru unravels the corruption of Mayor Coffijn.

5. Lethal weapon

Among our recommendations for the best series similar to Whiskey Cavalier we could not leave Lethal Weapon .

Martin Riggs is a former SEAL special agent turned LAPD officer. Riggs, a native of Texas, is volatile and suicidal due to the recent death of his pregnant wife. For this reason, his arrival in the city will make a great impression, especially for his new co-worker, Detective Roger Murtaugh, who has just rejoined the police force after suffering a heart attack and must stay away from situations. 

6. Lethal classes

In a post about series similar to Whiskey Cavalier, a series as prominent as Deadly Class should be included .

It follows a disillusioned teenager who is recruited into a high school for assassins. Upholding his moral code while surviving a cutthroat curriculum, vicious social cliques, and his own teenage uncertainties can prove fatal.

7. CSI: Las Vegas

Although several of you see the decision to put CSI: Las Vegas among the best series like Whiskey Cavalier something unusual, but for the magazine it is debated.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is an American fictional television series first broadcast in the United States on CBS. The series centers around a group of forensic scientists and criminologists who work in the American city of Las Vegas (Nevada), investigating the crimes that take place there. The original formula of the series and its success gave rise to two sequels, CSI: Miami (2002-2012) and CSI: New York (2004-2013), around the teams of forensic scientists from those cities, but it also influences several series later related to criminal investigation, such as Bones or NCIS among others.

8. Samurai Champloo

In the article about the best series similar to Whiskey Cavalier, you have to put a series as good as Samurai Champloo .

Samurai Champloo is a Japanese animated series developed by Manglobe studios.

The story is set in a fictional version of Japan in the Edo period with many anachronisms, mostly hip-hop. The story revolves around Mugen, a reckless, debauched and wandering swordsman, Jin, a calm and stoic ronin, and Fuu, a brave young woman who asks them to accompany her on her quest across Japan to find the “samurai who smells to sunflowers”.

9. The Toad Cartel

In the article that goes about the best series similar to Whiskey Cavalier there should be a series as prominent as El cartel de los sapos .

The series begins with Martín González (Manolo Cardona) telling his prison story, remembering when he was fifteen years old and his mother worked in the United States to send them money. Martín asks his best friend Pepe Cadena (Diego Cadavid) to take him to his older brother Óscar Cadena (Fernando Solórzano), also known as Don Óscar — who at that time is the supreme boss of the Pacific Cartel — to enter the business.

10. Click

In an article about the best series similar to Whiskey Cavalier, there must always be Clique .

Holly and Georgia have been best friends since they were eleven years old, and have been together until now. In a few days they start university and continue with their habits: they live in the same corridor, go to the same classes and drink in the same bars.

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