During the 80s we experienced the rise of big and successful Hollywood movies, the boom of a popcorn cinema (not always) in an era where the big studios dominated the film scene, sometimes over the filmmakers themselves.

There was also a huge leap in the quality of the special effects, creating flying bikes and spaceships that we could only dream of. This time they seemed real and behind was that little voice that reminded us for so long that we only saw models and some threads. The cinema had rediscovered the sense of wonder.

To the crystal jungle

die hard, bruce willis crystal jungle

Thirty years after its release, Die Hard remains the quintessential American action movie, spawning a series of sequels that never quite matched the original.

The war of the roses

michael douglas and kathleen turner in war of the roses

Danny DeVito, who also gave us Matilda as a director, directed Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner here, a perfect couple who soon realize how boring they are. Their subsequent fight is the exact opposite of their dull marriage.

Dead poets society

robin williams, ethan hawke and the rest of the cast of dead poets club

A timeless Robin Williams and a great cast of then young actors composed this inspiring classic about a literature teacher who taught his young students to live, think and enjoy.

Rain Man

tom cruise y dustin hoffman en rain man

The odd couple formed in this film by Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman, probably the best role of their careers, made up this charming road movie of handsome guy and weird guy. Despite initial reluctance, the trip ends up being healing for both, an ode to the acceptance of differences.


michael keaton y winona clears a bitelchus

A comic classic by Tim Burton who was crowned as a filmmaker and was followed by Batman and Eduardo Scissorhands, no less. Of course, that is to say his name three times and everything becomes a Halloweenesque party to the rhythm of Day-O .

Who cheated on roger rabbit?

jessica rabbit in who framed roger rabbit

The exception to the rule that mixing animation and live action, children’s cartoons and adult content must go wrong. A crazy and unique mix of film noir and Looney Tunes.


tom hanks playing the piano in big

Tom Hanks could have several comedies on this list but we are left with this Peter Pan in reverse, a 13-year-old boy who wakes up in an adult body after wanting to grow up so that girls stop ignoring him.



Since we all know Terminator by now , we better claim this well-remembered, but little-seen, Verhoeven classic about police officer Alex J. Murphy, who is revived in a mostly robotic body. A true machine to kill (and stop) criminals.

The engaged princess

cary elwes and robin wright in the princess bride

Unforgettable vampirization of the clichés of the princess tale to create, in a shamelessly theatrical way, an unforgettable adventure full of memorable characters.

Blue velvet

Isabella Rossellini in Blue Velvet

A David Lynch classic and a unique reimagining of film noir with Isabella Rossellini as a femme fatale , Kyle MacLachlan as an innocent drawn into the dark and Laura Dern as the shrewdly ignored who won’t give up. Essential and very personal masterpiece.

Hannah and her sisters

dianne west, barbara hershey and mia farrow in hanna and her sisters

Probably the best script by Woody Allen, who here reserves a very secondary role in favor of the starring female lead trio, Mia Farrow, Barbara Hershey and Dianne West. Unforgettable also Michael Caine or Carrie Fisher in a kind of crazy and charming cross stories in search of love, loneliness or the meaning of existence.

Inside of the labyrinth

david bowie in inside the maze

Iconic film by Jim Henson, inseparable from the concept of eighties cinema, and which shows David Bowie as the master of ceremonies of a labyrinth full of wonders into which a young woman played by Jennifer Connelly will enter. The creator of The Muppets was joined by Terry Jones on the script, George Lucas as producer and Frank Oz as the animator.

Los Goonies

los goonies

If we had to settle for a single 80s movie, it wouldn’t be The Goonies , but we did have to define eighties cinema in a title, without a doubt. Undeniably a reference to Stranger Things or Super 8 , this is a charming treasure hunt for a children’s gang.

The endless story

the endless story

Like The Princess Bride or The Goonies , perhaps like the union of both with Inside the Labyrinth, it is difficult to define The Neverending Story . A story full of ideas and passion with which to discover or recover our love for fantasy.

Scarface: The price of power

al pacino and michelle pfeiffer in scarface, the price of power

It may not be an 80s classic for the whole family, but Brian de Palma’s remake of Howard Hawks’ masterful 1930s work exudes the 80s in every suit and every set we see the unforgettable Tony Montana from Al Pacino.

At the limits of reality

in the limits of reality, the movie

John Landis, Steven Spielberg, Joe Dante and George Miller came together, à la Dream Team, to bring the classic television show to the big screen. With irregular results, there is no doubt that the set is unforgettable, and a great door to recover the television series.

Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark

indiana jones raiders of the lost ark

We couldn’t forget about Indiana, who now plans to return for a fifth installment. Spielberg elevated Harrison Ford to the leading role and achieved an adventure film icon whose figure and influence is as immense as his sense of rhythm and adventure. We also don’t forget the third part, The Last Crusade .

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