The Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2022 draws to a close with a bittersweet taste. The largest mobile phone congress in the world closes tomorrow, Thursday, an edition that aspired to recover its spirit prior to the pandemic, but which has remained in the attempt.

The claims of telcos and the metaverse have garnered much of the attention, while new product launches and innovations have been in short supply. Despite this, the fair has left as every year a wide variety of curious gadgets and tools worth mentioning. These are the five most striking items that stand out among all those presented at the MWC.

1. E-collar for cats

Small Korean company PurrSong offers connected products for cats. This year its great novelty has been an electronic collar to measure the cat’s activity, including hours of the cat when it is sleeping, hours of play, when it eats and drinks, how much it washes and even how many times it uses the litter box. This product, called LavvieTAG, is especially useful for detecting potential health problems.

2. The automated litter box

Cat owners can complete their pet care with an automated litter box like Pluto Square . This tool also comes from Korea and has the capacity to store up to a week of garbage in its hidden compartment that also does not let odors escape. When it fills up, all you have to worry about is swapping out the old bag for a new one.

3. Tattoo printer

Prinker is the perfect tool for those who are drawn to decorating their skin with  any kind of tattoos but don’t want to do it permanently. It is a temporary tattoo printer that is controlled from the mobile. To use it, all you have to do is open the app, choose from a gallery of more than 5,000 designs or upload your own, place the printer on your skin and that’s it. The tattoos are waterproof, last up to two days and one ink cartridge is enough to apply 1,000 tattoos.

4. The robot that cares for and accompanies the elderly

It is called ARI (Intelligent Robotic Assistant), a small robot that accompanies the elderly. This robotic friend has been developed by the company Grupo Saltó, combining its own management platform (Som Care) with a robotic model created by the American multinational Misty Robotics. Its appearance is really adorable and users do not need to have any prior knowledge to interact with it.

ARI can ask the elderly people about their condition, if they have eaten, if they have taken the pills, it can also remind them of medical appointments and even help them with their administrative procedures. The information collected is recorded in text form and is accessible to the user’s relatives or caregivers so that they are constantly informed about their state of health. In addition, if it detects any problem or anomaly, it generates an alarm and makes an emergency call to the designated contact.

5. Metaverse of K-Pop

Although it is not a gadget, the Live K metaverse could not be left out of this compilation. K-Pop Live K hologram and virtual concert company is committed to bringing the global phenomenon of Korean pop to the metaverse . The platform applies XR (extended reality) technology, a new type of metaverse that combines photographic graphics and real human characters. In this way, the K-Pop industry takes a step forward, allowing all the users to participate in virtual concerts from home and interact with the avatars of their favorite singers celebrities.

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