Consumer electronics is one of the classic options for Christmas gifts.

In these strange Christmases that we will have to live, there are multiple choices that could be made, but this selection, among many other possible ones, is made up of excellent products with the latest technology and, in many cases, designs based on the past.

One of the most striking machines in this section is the Serial 1, the first electric bicycle from the legendary American motorcycle firm Harley Davidson, which until now had not been a benchmark in urban mobility. The Serial 1 has been inspired by the design of the brand’s first motorcycle, 117 years ago, which was called Serial Number One. In the marked personality of its retro design, its thick white wheels stand out.magazine technologyHigh-end 4K Smart TV that resists dust and humidity to install on terraces, from Samsung.

Light colors also inspire the construction of another machine that winks at the past. Bang & Olufsen has renewed, in a very limited series, its iconic Beogram 4000 tangential turntable, designed by Jacob Jensen in 1972 and which is part of the permanent collection of MoMA in New York.

The design of the new Apple Watch Hermès Series 6 is classic, with a stainless steel case and Double Tour Attelage strap, although behind the retro design of its exclusive sphere for this luxury edition, a lot of technology is hidden to make this smartwatch a benchmark in monitoring of health , with the possibility of doing an electrocardiogram or checking the volume of oxygen in the blood.

Designs that drink from the past

A Sony camera, the most iconic Bang & Olufsen record player and the classic touch of the Apple Watch Hermès 

Also drinking from the past is the Sony Alfa 7C, the world’s smallest mirrorless full-frame camera. Its retro look is also packed with technology, with extremely fast autofocus , six-axis optical stabilization and a full range of high-quality interchangeable lenses. Lots of capacity and features in a contained size.

But the past is not everything. Innovation also goes through avant-garde designs. This is the case of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, the third folding mobile that the Korean company puts on the market, or the new Huawei Mate 40 Pro, which puts cutting-edge technology in a phone with great photographic features framed in an original group of lenses. circular.TECHNOLOGY magazineSamsung’s third foldable mobile 


Galaxy Z Fold

From a 6.1-inch screen when folded, it becomes a small 7.6-inch tablet when unfolded. Premium quality at the top of the range. 


Designed by Jacob Jensen in 1972, it is part of the permanent collection of MoMA 

Bang & Olufsen

Beogram 4,000c 

A special limited reissue of 95 units of an iconic seventies turntable. Designed by Jacob Jensen in 1972 and which is part of the permanent collection of the MoMA in New York. 


Watch Garmin 6X Pro Solar 

Garmin Phoenix

6X Pro Solar

The most desired gadget for adventure and sports. It is charged by the solar energy that the screen receives. 

magazine technology

Lenovo computer 


Yoga Slim i9

Sleek design and premium features in a high-performance, leather-finished computer.


Classic design with state-of-the-art technology for health monitoring 


Watch Hermès Series 6

The most exclusive Apple watch, with a multitude of options for physical exercise and for leisure and work with a stainless steel case and Double Tour Attelage strap. 

magazine technology

Huawei mobile with 5G 


Mate 40 Pro

5G mobile with one of the most powerful processors, high-performance photography and fast battery charging. 

magazine technology

Sony Alfa 7C, the world’s smallest mirrorless full-frame camera 


Alpha 7C

The smallest of Sony’s full frame mirrorless camera range, but just as powerful. 

magazine technology

Gourmet wine bar 

LG Signature

Gourmet Wine Bar

With anti-UV treatment, control screen and space to preserve delicatessen.

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