This article is dedicated to both men and women because both genders have a problem. Millennials are growing up watching porn. All millennials. This habit alters psyche and behavior. But if you ask anyone: Do you think porn affects your sexual taste?

He or she will answer you: no! It’s like asking a fish what it thinks of water, it has lived there too long to understand that there is more. Here are 10 reasons to stop watching pornography:

1 – Because it is vintage.

For 7 years you have been willing and painful hipsters, the fault of the instagram photos in the shape of polaroids, do you want to continue? Well, be it all the way through. #Vintage #cool #retro is out of fashion now the # that rocks is #NOFAP (porn addict recovery community)

Go back to the newsagent’s to buy the magazines or, more discreetly, the courier announcements with his inserts. If you can’t stop watching pornography, look at it this other way: Save publishing!

2 – Because since Sasha Gray hasn’t been around …

Because since Sasha is gone porn is all the same, let’s be honest, the web has been filled with actresses who don’t put passion into what they do and ugly and dirty amateurs who feel rebellious. There is no more professionalism, the level has lowered, it no longer deserves as it once did.

3 – Why you will learn to touch women (or men)

Almost the entire world of porn consists of a man who with his arms behind his back sticks his penis into a hole. Here’s how not to have sex . The whole body must go into action, stimulate the partner. Using only the sexual organ means exploiting a very small part of the anatomical potential. The bodies have to mate, in fact. Don’t imagine two sweaty bodies rolling, but two bodies looking for each other, touching each other and knowing where and how to touch. Replicating porn scenes will not cheer up your boring sex, on the contrary, it will turn you into copulation employees.

4 – Because it will give you more satisfaction.

Come on, porn is ready-to-eat, blatant, you all know that. The real effort to make is to use the imagination …

“But do you think I have to go back to using my imagination? But what am I, twelve years old? ” says Luigi from The Pills left without internet.

Forcing yourself to become a kid again as well as being a stimulus will make you more satisfied in the end. If you can stop watching pornography, you will become the directors and actors of your film, not passive spectators. Not having your eyes focused on a screen will allow you to feel your body and your sensations, giving it the importance they deserve and learning to value them. Anyone who has tried blindfolded sex knows how hypersensitive the other senses are during mating, this also applies to masturbation and orgasm.

5 – Because you will be more focused and productive.

Not using porn will make you incredibly more focused, your predatory or predatory mind, in fact, not gorged with tens of thousands of images of bodies will be constantly looking for stimuli, things to do and see. The studies in question speak for themselves, you can give it your all … and not in front of a screen.

6 – You will have 45% more testosterone.

Once you stop watching pornography you will be more energized and hopefully more palatable.

7 – Because you will not exploit the sex market.

Whenever you watch porn, there is someone on the other side of the world who is looking for a woman or a man with that likeness. Pornography has a turnover, ironically, of 90 billion euros a year. Demand creates supply. If you are looking for that type of woman, someone will try to put her on that screen, be it your mother or your sister.

8 – Because you will save the world from deforestation.

Not using porn will make you masturbate less = fewer trees cut down …

9 – Because you will not be spied on.

Do you want to avoid finding yourself living the Black Mirror episode “Shut up and dance” ? Even if you cover the camera and use incognito browsing, there is someone who knows what you are watching and knows your sexual tastes. But, at least for now, no one can access the secret chambers of your mind.

10 – Because you will look at the opposite sex with a different eye.

When you manage to stop watching pornography, you will learn to woo the other, not to see him only as a sexual object that magically craves you and enjoys your every gesture. You will understand that sex, not necessarily just love, is also something other than Tinder see / fuck similar to the action of a porn set.

Sex is preceded by words, smells and sensations. If you understand this you can avoid being chosen but you can choose. You won’t wait for the other to be miraculously and perpetually interested in you as an actress in a porn movie. On the contrary, you will find out how to choose. You will be the directors. You will not end up forced into relationships because you have no alternatives and rather than being alone you have chosen the first person who gives you a shred of attention. You will learn to seek (and sometimes find) the other to build together what you want.

Yeah, because porn is all about acceptance. He, the porn, will never say no to you, he will always be there for you, and the actors will not refuse to have sex, he will always want you. Others may refuse to sleep with you, whether it’s your neighbor or your classmate. Accepting this means knowing how to accept rejection and you will learn how to manage depression. All this to get, even with sacrifice, to be satisfied as sex and masturbation would really require.

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