We said that the future of Star Wars was on television, given that all the information that our Bothans (RIP) brought us from Lucasfilm had to do with film projects that were cancelled, disappeared or lost in a kind of limbo that, in the case of Taika Waititi, we could define as almost Schrodingerian in nature. However, today we realize that the production company had at least one ace up its sleeve , defined by Deadline as, attention, “one of the best kept secrets in Hollywood.” There was a good reason the future of Star Wars in movie theaters seemed so nebulous, after all: this is how Lucasfilm wants it to be, because their idea isact (for the moment) in stealth and from the shadows . A bit sith- esque , if you ask us, but that’s his prerogative.

What we mean by all this is that Damon Lindelof, co-creator of Lost (2004-2010) and responsible for the Watchmen miniseries (2019), not to mention his sensational work on The Leftovers (2014-2017), is writing a new Star Wars movie . The Deadline exclusive , long rumored by other websites for months, also ensures that Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy , Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker and director of two of the best episodes of Ms. Marvel(2022), would have already been selected to go behind the cameras in the return of a galaxy far, far away to the big screen, from where it should never have disappeared. Perhaps this explains why Disney has (temporarily?) removed Rogue Squadron , the project led by Patty Jenkins, from its release schedule. Maybe they want to prioritize this other one, about which we still know very close to zero number of concrete details .

For example, Deadline and other specialized media claim that Lindelof is working with another writer or another , but his identity remains a mystery as we write these lines. According to IMDb, where there is still no sign of this new Star Wars movie , our man is currently busy developing Mrs. Davis , an original series for Peacock (NBCUniversal’s streaming service) about a nun who must face an artificial intelligence. Seriously, we didn’t make this up: Betty Gilpin plays a sister in the middle of a metaphysical battle against a supercomputer, which is to say that Mrs. Davis will be about theContrast between faith and technology . Which sounds very promising, but it’s not Star Wars . The only nuns that appear in Star Wars are the ones that helped Luke Skywalker on the island in The Last Jedi (2017), and we’re not exactly talking about fan-favorite characters.

It is more than possible that Lindelof has already completed his work on Mrs. Davis and is now devoting his full attention to a script that, let’s remember, is still in the writing process, which means that it could still be several months until production is complete. get the green light from Lucasfilm. If he receives it, of course, it would not be the first galactic film project to receive the hack before entering the pre-production phase (ask Rian Johnson). For the moment, let’s stay with the curious choice of Obaid-Chinoy as director: despite the fact that her work in Ms. Marvel was quite remarkable, we are talking about someone better known for her non-fiction shorts and features, some of them so powerful WhatA Girl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness (2015). Since sources close to the studio say that their vision of the project is aligned with that of the writers, we can venture that this secret Star Wars movie will have a different tone than the adventurous escapism we are used to .

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