In recent years, the idea of ​​housing has gradually transformed and, in the wake of the latest technological developments, living spaces have also opened the doors to multitasking devices capable of making life easier: the progress of consumer electronics. , in fact, it gave way to the concept of smart home , that is a smart home, connected to the internet and able to respond to the modern needs of daily life.

One of the appliances that recently underwent an extraordinary innovation is certainly the refrigerator: in fact, this appliance is no longer intended solely for keeping food and drinks cool , but on the contrary, today’s technological refrigerators are equipped with many cutting- edge functions and additional components to ensure maximum comfort for your family.

With us discover everything there is to know about smart refrigerators , what are the most important functions, how to connect it to your home and what are the prices for a technological refrigerator.

  • Why choose a smart refrigerator
  • How much does a smart refrigerator cost

Why choose a smart refrigerator

Here is a list of ten of the coolest features a smart refrigerator has:

  1. Know the contents of the refrigerator : thanks to an application connected to your smartphone, you can check at any time what you need at home; are you at the supermarket but you don’t know how to buy? Problem solved, the refrigerator itself will tell you what is missing.
  2. Plan meals : some models of technological refrigerators allow you to organize the meals of the day; according to your preferences, you can select settings that take into account the expiry dates of the foods in the fridge, so as not to waste anything; or you can request that lunch comply with special dietary restrictions to suit your diet.
  3. Make the shopping list : thanks to smart devices, one click is enough to update the shopping list. You can add all the ingredients of your recipes conveniently via the app or via the screen, if your refrigerator is equipped with an integrated tablet . Say goodbye to slips of paper and incomprehensible handwriting, with a smart fridge you can directly share your shopping list with all family members or other tenants in the house, so that everyone can add what they need.
  4. Shopping online : if you don’t want to go to the supermarket, or between a thousand commitments you can’t find the time to shop, just download an online shopping app on your device ; once you have filled in the list, you can select when you prefer to receive your shopping, which will be delivered directly to your home.
  5. Connect your fridge to your TV : Some modern tech fridges are also equipped with high-resolution displays , perfect for streaming your favorite movies and shows . If you have a small kitchen with little space for appliances, a fridge with tablet is the ideal solution to not miss a second of the show you are watching. In addition, you can broadcast the videos of the recipes to be made on the screen, or you can select a program for children, to entertain your little ones during dinner.
  6. Listening to music while you cook : another prerogative of smart refrigerators are the audio speakers , which will allow you to listen to your favorite playlists , keep you informed of the latest news on the radio while you are in the kitchen, or create the right atmosphere for your dinners. .
  7. Phone Mirroring : if your mobile phone is compatible with this function, you can connect your smartphone to the refrigerator and receive all notifications on the device or check messages without having to leave the stove.
  8. Slideshow: by downloading a special application, you can create a photo gallery with your favorite albums or drawings that scroll on the refrigerator screen.
  9. Organize the day : the technological refrigerators are also equipped with a calendar, which allows you to keep an eye on all your commitments; in addition, it is possible to connect it with compatible devices in the house and set a timer for turning on the oven , washing machine or vacuum cleaner , to optimize your time.
  10. Select the temperature : according to the needs of the moment, it is possible to adjust the temperature of each single compartment of the refrigerator; in this way you can comfortably freeze or defrost food, keep wine cool and much more.

How much does a smart refrigerator cost

The prices for a technological refrigerator vary a lot according to the chosen model, to the additional features, or to the dimensions; there are double door refrigerators , with ice and water dispensers , or with huge integrated screens that allow you to check the contents without opening the doors. Smart refrigerators have become increasingly common in recent years, and a wide range of products are available on the market that can meet any need: on average, the price for a cutting-edge device ranges from € 1500 up to over € 3000. .

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