Every couple is sooner or later faced with the fact that regular sex becomes boring. I want something new, something unusual, something that diversifies the intimate life of partners. The most obvious solution is to buy sex toys and sex furniture.

This opens up huge opportunities to satisfy each other’s partners. The sex swing is one of the options. They not only give people the opportunity to experience new sensations, but also allow partners of different sizes, who are overweight or have spinal problems not to deprive themselves of pleasure.

Purpose of a swing for sex

What for couples to get a sex swing? Most often they want to use this device to diversify their intimate life, try new positions in sex or conduct erotic experiments. On such a swing can accommodate both a man and a girl. And they are designed in such a way that you can indulge in any type of sexual entertainment on them.

The partner who will be on the seat will have a more passive role. His job is to contemplate, enjoy the process and relax. And the other person at this time will control the movement of these swings, their speed and inclination. A nice bonus is that it does not require serious effort, so even a fragile woman can handle this business.

The sex swing opens up an incredible amount of possibilities — people can try over fifty new positions. You can either just sit on the swing or lie on your back, stomach or sides. This allows partners to access each other’s most unusual sensitive areas and give the most incredible caresses and pleasure. The swing can even be used as an element of BDSM games to further diversify sex.

At the same time, the use of a swing for sex is encouraged from a medical point of view. After all, they allow you to reduce the load on the human skeleton, not reducing sensitivity in the process, but even improving it. It will be very relevant for injured people who are contraindicated in heavy loads. Making love will no longer be unpleasant and difficult.

Who is the most suitable swing

Of course, any couple can buy a swing and experience a sea of ​​new emotions. With their help, sex life will definitely shine in new colors. But they will be more relevant for special categories of people who for some reason do not get the necessary pleasure from ordinary sex. They need that swing more than anyone.

Sex swing - what is it and how to use it.  Advantages and disadvantages.

Who absolutely should have a sex swing:

  1. Couples with partners of different heights. There are frequent situations when, due to a large difference in height (more than 30-40 centimeters), partners simply cannot physically afford to have sex in any position. But swings for sex allow you to correct this shortcoming and easily fix your partner at the right height. It eliminates the tedious ways of adjusting to each other’s size and just love making.
  2. A couple in which one or both partners are overweight. Yes, in this case, sex swings also help a lot, because they are designed to work with a lot of weight — up to 140-160 kg! This means that even a full-fledged person will be able to sit comfortably on the seat, saving themselves unnecessary stress and simply enjoying the process. At the same time, sex swings are a great simulator for these people, because when they have sex in different positions, they will develop different muscle groups throughout the body.
  3. Param, in which there are people with injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. It will not be a secret that heavy loads are prohibited for a person with such injuries. And normal sex for them, unfortunately, is also not suitable. But the swings allow you to remove almost all the load from the person on them and give him the opportunity not only to have fun, but also to relax.

Swings for sex are a wonderful invention that allows you not to deprive yourself of pleasure even in the presence of health problems and a ban on exercise.

Advantages and disadvantages of using a swing

Not everyone will be aware of the huge opportunities that this type of furniture for sex opens up like a swing. Such an innocent at first glance design will dramatically change the intimate life of a married couple.

What makes swings ideal for sex:

  • the ability to have sex in a state of weightlessness. Some swing models really allow you to achieve such sensations. The sensations that a partner experiences when he has practically no solid support, and is in the air, are simply breathtaking. Therefore, the sex swing will be one of the most pleasant discoveries for lovers who love experiments;
  • the opportunity to engage in BDSM practices. Most sex swings provide for the installation of any modifications in the form of belts, eyelets for ropes. They can bind one of the partners, turning ordinary sex into an exciting and exciting game. The sex swing brings a lot of thrill to ordinary intimate life;
  • the ability to have sex in any position. The number of positions you can try with a sex swing is simply huge. And they are a must try! After all, the pleasure depends not only on the strength and depth of the movements, but also on the angle of penetration. An active partner can control any part of the body of the one on the swing without too much difficulty;
  • sex on such a swing is much easier and does not require endurance from partners. This allows you not to save energy and give everything to satisfy you and your partner with strong and active movements. In conventional sex, many factors interfere with this;
  • there are also double swings for sex. This further increases the number of possible sexual practices, allows people to save energy on habitual movements and derive only one pleasure from this process.

Couples who want to diversify their intimate life simply need to buy this device. Although it looks modest, it offers a great number of opportunities to obtain previously unattainable types of pleasure.

Sex swing - what is it and how to use it.  Advantages and disadvantages.

But all is not as rosy as it seems at first glance. There are a few problems with this kind of sex furniture:

  • low-quality swings (most often too cheap models) can be dangerous to health. During sex, they can rub the skin of whoever is on it. Or putting pressure on any part of the body, causing unpleasant pain. In addition, the possibility of poor-quality assembly of particularly cheap structures is not excluded, the lines of which may break under normal weight or the saddle of which may not withstand the stresses;
  • In order to use a model compact swing set, you must have a suitable place in the house to secure them. They should not be hung on weak (interior) doors. It is also not necessary to take risks and drill the ceiling to attach hooks or carabiners to it, if you are not sure of its solidity;
  • the models must be chosen with great care. Lack of attention can lead to the wrong swing being bought. But you must take into account the growth of the partners, their weight and select models with the appropriate dimensions and weight to hold.

In general, all the problems with this piece of furniture for intimate pleasures are associated only with the difficulties of choosing suitable designs. But they are easy to avoid if you assess your abilities correctly.

Varieties of swing for sex

Sex swings are divided into three main types, depending on how they are attached. The complexity of the design depends not only on the price, but also on the amount of space occupied. And there are also swings designed for a certain weight, not all of them can withstand a whole person. All these subtleties are best considered before buying.

Sex swing - what is it and how to use it.  Advantages and disadvantages.

Separation of the swing by type of attachment:

  1. Sex swing with stand. In addition to the swing itself, as the name suggests, a special bracket is also needed to mount this device. You need to understand that such a model will be quite global. The height of the rack can reach 2-2.5 meters, and the width — at least 1.5 meters. This design is the most reliable in the list, while it is possible to assemble and disassemble it if necessary. It’s not a complex builder and everything is done in a few simple moves.
  2. Sex swing with door closure. Option with the best compactness. At the same time, the quality of production is always at the top. The seat is still soft and absorbs a bit of shock in case the door jamb isn’t strong enough and the swing falls. Such swings are attached to the door using a special mechanism. At the same time, they can be purchased at a very economical price, and their compactness allows them to be transported to any convenient place. But for this, the couple pays with a reduced set of possible poses, compared to other models. And you can’t turn on such a swing — the design just doesn’t provide for it.
  3. Sex swing with suspension mechanism. This design is attached to the ceiling. For this, you will have to pre-mount one or two hooks or carabiners, which is not always possible. At the base of the whole structure are several springs. Thanks to this device, you can feel almost real weightlessness on this sex swing. It is an intermediate option in terms of convenience and cost between an over-the-door swing and a swing with stand.

In addition to the attachment method, the swing can also have various saddle design options. Their price and compactness will also depend on this.

Sex swing - what is it and how to use it.  Advantages and disadvantages.
  1. Swing for sex with a platform saddle. A device with such a seat will take up a lot of space, but at the same time will provide greater stability during the process. It is made up of a rigid frame, which is covered with a soft fabric with a lining. And already belts and slings are attached to the saddle, which are attached to the brackets. Such a swing is inconvenient to transport and constantly assemble and disassemble. But this is offset by the fact that they can easily be disguised as ordinary children’s swings.
  2. Swing for sex with a hammock saddle. It is an inexpensive, compact and easy to handle swing model. It consists of several wide soft belts, each of which is separately attached to the suspension mechanism. According to the reviews of people who buy a swing for sex, it is the version with a hammock that is the most convenient and practical. When buying, it is better to choose the option with the widest straps, so as not to experience inconvenience during use.

You shouldn’t buy a swing with a stand and a platform saddle if you plan to hide this device. It is quite difficult to hide it, and passing it off as a children’s swing will not work if the couple simply does not have children. Lighter and more compact models are easier to hide and carry, so you don’t have to be ashamed in front of your guests and loved ones.

Tips for using a sex swing

Choosing and buying is not everything. Some people, after installing a sex swing, stare at them for a long time, trying to figure out how to do “this thing”?

Sex swing - what is it and how to use it.  Advantages and disadvantages.

There are a few simple rules that will allow inexperienced people to learn how to use this device:

  1. Don’t invent a bicycle and try to assemble a swing yourself. Instructions are included with each model.
  2. Preparing the swing already during sex is not the best idea. It is better to do this in advance, because setting them up takes a lot of time.
  3. You should also plan at least a few simple poses in advance or use the ones given in the instructions.
  4. It is necessary to test the resistance of the swing in normal clothing.
  5. Before each sexual intercourse, it is necessary to check the condition of the bindings, slings, seats, and after it , be sure to wipe the swing and slings with a damp sponge.

These simple tips will be enough to get the most out of the new sex, keep the swing in excellent condition for a long time and not be disappointed with the purchase.

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