1899 , on Netflix for a little less than two weeks , has become a small science fiction phenomenon, with a more than solvent audience and the interest (and good reviews) of a large part of the fans and the specialized press. Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, creators of the German Dark , repeat in the genre with a story set on a ship, in search of another missing ship, and again display a wide range of enigmas in their universe. Without spoilers about the answer to that mystery, we make a selection of series and movies similar to 1899; However, we recommend you read it when you have already seen the Netflix one (or at least when they have told you everything that happens).


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One of the first series that we think of when we see 1899 is Westworld , which narrates classic science fiction conflicts: the figure of the android to explain what it means to be human, simulation as a virtual paradise, the constant questioning of apparent reality (as on Netflix)…

A glitch in the Matrix

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What if our reality is a simulation? This question gave rise to one of the great science fiction films in history, The Matrix , and has permeated many other works (also 1899 ). The documentary A failure in the Matrix gave something to talk about in 2021 for its scientific and philosophical reflection on the subject.

Do not worry dear

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The most talked about film of the year (for extra-cinematographic reasons) also keeps an interesting discourse with current echoes about misogyny and the questioning of reality. We’re talking about Don’t Worry, My Darling , about a young couple who have just moved to a quiet, bourgeois neighborhood.


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Alexandre Aja , who in recent decades has directed such bizarre films as High Voltage, Horns or Underwater Hell , went behind the scenes of Oxygen , a French feature film about a woman locked in a tank (a la Buried). The last third of this madness will blow your mind.

Some episodes of Black Mirror 

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You expected us to talk about her, right? There are several episodes of the mythical Black Mirror that will remind you of 1899, especially in the aspect of reality as simulation: San Junipero , Hang the DJ , Playtesting , even Striking Vipers… Claustrophobic, disconcerting, romantic, reflective.

The Nevers

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Another series that came to mind when 1899 began to unfold its keys, and also that steampunk aesthetic that emanates from some scenes, is The Nevers . Although they don’t have much to do with themes, both have a nineteenth-century setting and feature several period anti-heroines.

The OA

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It’s always a good time to remember one of Netflix’s most special series (and most painful cancellations), especially if we talk about science fiction. It’s hard to define The OA (about a young girl’s supernatural experiences), but it’s the closest we’ll get to a new Twin Peaks .


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One of the best series of 2022 is undoubtedly Separation , which a few months ago once again generated praise for Apple TV+’s own production. It revolves around a group of employees who undergo an experiment to separate their personal memories from their work lives. Disturbing, isn’t it?

La Brea

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In a television era where Manifest has become a phenomenon for its Lost roll , it is worth recommending La Brea in a list of science fiction series. Although it has a very two-thousander visual finish , you may like its premise: a hole in another reality engulfs Los Angeles.

Open your eyes

You can see it on: HBO Max

In our desire not to make obvious recommendations, we have chosen a Spanish film that was ahead of many scifi reflections that we later saw in international cinema. Abre los ojos , by Alejandro Amenabar , is structured around a young man who confuses the reality in which he lives.

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