Sex is never the same. And this is also the beauty. But for many it is also a source of great stress: the anxiety of doing it right can lead to many difficulties, when in reality most of the time everything is mental and it would be enough to empty your head and enjoy the moment to ensure that intimacy is lived with pleasure, harmony and passion.

However, beyond the mental work we can do on ourselves, there are certain tricks and certain habits (or, conversely, some improvised!) That can make our sexual relations improve. How? Here is a short list of attitudes and tips to try to make sex more engaging, exciting and complete.

Don’t think about others

Statistics or bar talk are not good for anyone: there are those who flaunt the satisfaction of a very full sex life, those who say that if you don’t have sex a few times a week your partner is not satisfied … But every couple has its own times, each couple has its own satisfaction, which is achieved over time and which is perfect. Just let yourself go and don’t think about others, but only about what makes the couple happy.

Kiss Kiss Kiss!

Kisses are often underestimated. During sex you don’t think about it anymore, but a kiss is really precious: when passionate, it prolongs the duration of the relationship, stimulates different and very pleasant sensations and strengthens orgasm. The kiss is very intimate, so let’s not disdain it, but, on the contrary, let’s take the initiative and try to kiss the partner even in moments in which we would not do it (out of habit).

Use oral sex, but sparingly

First of all, a rule: oral sex must be pleasing. It must not be done for the pleasure of the partner but because we too enjoy arousing him. So let’s avoid grimacing or retching, but let’s do it gently if we feel it. And let’s not fret: oral sex is good when quiet and nibbled. That is: let’s not play all the cards immediately but caress, lick with the tip of the tongue, tease and get to the point slowly!

Train your muscles

It doesn’t take much to train the muscles of our vagina: about twenty voluntary muscle contractions a day, tensing and releasing the pubic muscles (the ones we use to pee). Not only will the muscles be strengthened, but we will also improve our grip on the partner’s penis, who will feel the difference.

The massages

Massages are a great way to improve physical intimacy, but we can also take advantage of them on a sexual level, also combining some rubs. While we massage our partner, whether he is on his back or on his stomach, we rub our private parts on him. It is a gesture that stimulates us as much as he does.

Look for the G spot

Or better: let your partner look for it. To find it, just stick a finger in the vaginal canal, move it forward and touch the front of the vagina. Guiding him, of course, to understand together what we like best.

Delay ejaculation of the partner

How? Pulling the scrotum. That looks like something painful or disrespectful but is actually not (when done gently). The scrotum is the sac that contains the testicles and if pulled it causes arousal to be prolonged and ejaculation delays. This is because the man cannot ejaculate until the scrotum is adherent to the body again, and this happens in a few minutes. Then tighten it between the thumb and forefinger at its base, in a ring, and pull lightly and gently downwards.

Turn off the devices and the TV

But who wants to have sex when you fall asleep on the sofa in front of the TV? Or when the partner is super distracted, in bed, from social networks and work emails? Let’s turn everything off and let ourselves go, without letting ourselves be hypnotized by technology, which is the number one enemy of libido.

Don’t worry if sometimes an erection doesn’t come

It happens to all men, really to everyone: it happens not to achieve an erection. And it’s not because they don’t feel stimulated by you or because they don’t find you sexy, quite the opposite. Sometimes it’s a binge, sometimes it’s the stress of work, sometimes the anxiety that comes with not having an erection the time before. But what we need to keep in mind is this: an erection is not voluntary, but is dictated by many factors. And the tranquility in facing this difficulty is the first step to overcome it. In short, let’s not make a drama out of it, but let’s calm it down and wait for a more carefree moment!

Pay attention to the bodies

To yours and hers. It means paying attention to what causes us pain (because each position causes different sensations in the woman), clearly saying that you prefer to avoid. But it also means paying attention to him: even the partner can feel pain and certain positions can even cause damage (and in that case, when the pain is very strong or a loud noise has been heard in the penis area, it is necessary to run immediately from the penis. doctor). Having good sex means you both feel good!

Try to express the fantasies

Being tied up, interpreting a place, trying positions never tried before: a fantasy is a fantasy and keeping it in the corner of the mind is not right. When there is the right intimacy, you can also play, involving your partner in your own fantasy.

Enjoy yourselves

Anxiety and stress are normal, but at some point it’s okay to let go and take sex for what it is: something pleasant and fun, which we should enjoy in a free and harmonious way!

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