There are cars that manage, in these months of rising fuel prices, to keep their running costs within very low limits.

One of them is the Hyundai Bayon, which with its LPG-powered engine always presents a light bill at the gas station, at least according to our real consumption test. Please note that this GPL version is not available in France.

Indeed, the Korean compact crossover manages to consume 5.85 l/100 (17.09 km/l) on our Rome-Forli reference route (360 km), spending only 14.93 euros of LPG for the journey.

Almost a record among LPGs

The 5.85 l/100 achieved by the Hyundai Bayon 1.2 LPG is not an absolute record, but it is enough for the crossover to take third place in the ranking of real fuel consumption, in the LPG category.

hyundai bayon


In front of the Korean, there are only two other compact cars like the old Opel Karl 1.0 73 hp LPG (5.55 l/100 km – 18.0 km/l) and the queen of the category, the Nissan Micra IG -T 90 LPG (5.50 l/100 km – 18.1 km/l).

The Bayon LPG also managed to do better than the Fiat Panda 1.2 69 hp EasyPower (6.19 l/100 km – 16.1 km/l), the Fiat 500 1.2 LPG (6.39 l/100 km – 15, 6 km/l), but also the old Opel Crossland X 1.2 LPG (6.45 l/100 km – 15.5 km/l) and the new Dacia Jogger TCe 100 LPG ECO-G (6.80 l/ 100 km – 14.7 km/l).

Space and comfort

The car tested is a Hyundai Bayon 1.2 LPG with a 5-speed manual transmission and XLINE trim which includes 16-inch alloy wheels, gloss black grille, front and rear parking sensors, reversing camera and instruments serial numbers.

The presence on the test model of a white paint with a contrasting black roof and fully LED front and rear lights brings the list price of this Bayon to 24,200 euros.

Hyundai Bayon, official photos

At this price, you get a rather spacious and comfortable car, with good standard equipment that includes the latest generation of driver aids and an infotainment system that lives up to expectations. The only regret is that some of the interior plastics are a bit harsh and the engine’s 81.8bhp and 109.4Nm of torque (on LPG) are barely adequate. 

Correct autonomy

It was not easy to calculate the real LPG consumption of this Hyundai Bayon, given the constant difference between the figure of the on-board computer and that measured at the pump, which is always higher.

Despite this, it was possible to average the two figures and obtain the actual consumption under the main conditions of use. They are in the average of the LPG category and increase a little in town and on the highway.

hyundai bayon

Nothing to worry about, however, from the point of view of expenses, nor for autonomy which, thanks to the 46-litre petrol tank, is around 500 km and goes even further on ideal routes or with smooth driving. Added to this are the 40 liters of gasoline in the second tank.

Fuel consumption according to different driving situations

  • Urban : 9.0 l/100 km (11.1 km/l)510 km range
  • Mixed urban and extra-urban  : 7.0 l/100 km (14.2 km/l)653 km range
  • Highway  : 9.0 l/100 km (11.1 km/l)510 km range
  • Eco-driving  : 5.5 l/100 km (18.1 km/l) 832 km range


Model Energy Power Homologation Curb weight CO2 emissions (WLTP) Hyundai Bayon 1.2 Gpl Manuale XLINE Petrol/LPG 61.8 kW Euro 6d-ISC-FCM 1045 kg 128 g/km


Model: Hyundai Bayon 1.2 LPG XLINE

Base price: 22,400 euros (Italian price)

Test date: 14/11/2022

Weather (departure/arrival): Sunny, 16°/Sunny, 9°

Fuel price: 0.709 euro/l (LPG)

Number of kilometers covered: 1,665 km

Mileage at the start of the test: 13,327 km

Average speed during the test: 72 km/h

Tyres: Michelin Primacy 4 – 195/55 R16 87H S3 (UE Label : A, B, 69dB)


“Real” average: 5.85 l/100 km (17.09 km/l)

On-board computer: 4.9 l/100 km

At the pump: 6.8 l/100 kmFind out how our real consumption test is carried out .

Usage costs

“Actual” expenditure: €14.93

Monthly expenditure: €33.18 (800 km per month)

How many kilometers for €20?   482 km

How many kilometers with a full tank? 786km

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