A battle between the capabilities of a device and the qualities of Alexa

The Echo Show 10, one of the new gadgets(the figure comes from the size of its screen and not from a perfect score) is a cross between the old Echo Show (the one in which the screen and speaker were integrated) and an Echo Studio, a high-capacity speaker . But it is also an evolution of Amazon, since its screen can rotate 360º and this gives it a new plus. But the million dollar question: is it worth it? Let’s go to the long answer .

The first impression (white model, although it is also available in anthracite) is that the screen will detach from the speaker at any time if we do not handle it carefully. It is not like this. While there are some logical precautions to be taken, the materials and design are sturdy and will hold up to the normal use expected of a device of this type, one that won’t sit still in one place and is likely to “travel” throughout the house. The 10.1-inch touch screen is a classic of other Echos with a screen: easy to configure, quick and intuitive response and with a 13 MP camera (an “increase” from the 5 MP of other models) that significantly increases the quality visual in video calls.

At the top there are four buttons or controls: the microphone, the two for volume and the one that controls the opening or closing of the camera. If we close the latter, the screen will not be able to follow us as we move. And this is one of the most interesting reasons to consider the Echo Show 10 : its screen rotates following us, allowing us to see the content even if we move around the room.echo-show-10.jpgSetting it up is easy, even if we change its location. Just go to Settings, then Movement and adjust the angles of rotation by moving a button on the touch screen. The rotation can be configured from a minimum of approximately 30 degrees, up to 180º. Of course, it has a precision system that is quite… precise and sorry for the redundancy . If we configure it in a certain way, moving it a bit (especially by turning the base) shows that it is something to take and you can hear it say (with a certain tinnitus we could add): “I can’t follow you, you’re out of the camera angle”. And then we will have to start over.

Advantage of this: if we are cooking (personally, the Echo Show finds its natural habitat in the kitchen, to see recipes, the news and even give alerts to the family or make video calls) it follows us even if we change locations so that we have a direct visual of the screen (as long as the camera is open, of course). Another advantage is that its rotation allows us to use it as a home surveillance camera, controlling it remotely from the mobile app. The problem is that the camera moves horizontally and can only tilt to look up or down if we tilt it. That takes away a bit of visual when using it as a surveillance camera.

As far as content is concerned, it has the usual Alexa skills, allows you to control other devices either by voice or on the screen, and communicates with other Echos in the home (just say “Alexa sends a message to such an Echo Show and there it goes.” ). Prime Video (expected, being an Amazon service), Netflix, RTVE, TikTok or YouTube and content from Antena 3 are available. But it still doesn’t have HBO, Disney Plus, Filmin or Red Bull TV . To be up-to-date with the new services, it is enough to ask him to go to Video Home or directly to open the desired application.

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