The new Mercedes EQT has already been unveiled. A 100% electric van for passenger transport, based on the new Mercedes T-Class. Available in different lengths, the star brand offers a versatile model with 122 CV and a maximum range of almost 300 kilometers.

Mercedes expands its range of electric models in parallel to those of combustion. The German firm has just presented the new Mercedes EQT , the zero-emission variant of the T-Class, an electric van for passenger transport with a more modern and futuristic style, and loaded with novelties for lovers of zero-emission travel. .

Aesthetically, the new Mercedes EQT is in perfect relationship with the models in the Mercedes EQ range, with new headlights integrated into the front and next to a grill that opts for a more traditional finish , instead of the usual closed panel. Some fine slats painted in black for the ventilation of the electric motor housed behind it, wearing an emblem of the German brand in a generous emblem. The bumper varies its design depending on the finish, although all have a perforated cooling grill in the lower part of the defense.

The interior of the new Mercedes EQT is sober but functional and technological.

Space and versatility in the new Mercedes EQT

From behind, the same design of the combustion model is maintained, with a large tailgate that presents a very low loading threshold . Mercedes has not thrown the house out of the window neither inside nor outside, with a design that follows the same style as the T-Class. The measurements of the new EQT are more than generous, detailed below, offering ample interior space with two rows of seats -with asymmetrically folding backrests- and five seats that are accessed through the sliding side doors.

Officially approved measurements for the Mercedes EQT

The firm will offer a long-wheelbase variant in 2023, with seven seats . But this will not be the only difference, since this option moves the placement of the battery to the bottom of the passenger compartment, something that is not possible in the normal EQT. This difference forces the floor to be raised, which has been used to mount rails for the rear seats that can slide , increasing space in the cargo area.

The instrument panel is digital, adding a touch screen for the multimedia system on the 7-inch center console . As standard, it has the MBUX voice assistant that responds to the command “Hello Mercedes”. The firm follows the same line as its passenger models, seriously betting on the most advanced technology with multiple security assistants.

Maximum efficiency in the new Mercedes EQT

The new Mercedes EQT inherits the electric propulsion technology from the Renault Kangoo E-Tech Electric, with an electric motor placed on the front axle that yields a maximum power of 90 kW , equivalent to 122 CV , and a maximum torque of 245 Nm. . A configuration that is associated with a lithium-ion battery with a usable net capacity of 45 kWh , offering the following features:

Values ​​approved according to the WLTP cycle for the standard wheelbase variant of the Mercedes EQT.

The EQT has an on-board charger that supports charging power up to 80 kW, so it takes 30 minutes to recharge from 10 to 80 percent . In addition, the model is equipped with a selector for driving modes, “Eco” and “Comfort” for maximum use of energy, which are complemented by the three operating modes of the energy regeneration system , the lightest, the “D-”, “D” and “D+”. The order books will open in the first months of 2023.

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