Your car may seem plain to you compared to the ones you see in ads or at dealerships. It’s been years since you bought the car but it still works perfectly and you don’t see the need to change it?

Have you bought a new one but you can’t afford to choose a full equip ? Do not worry because there are many gadgets on the market that will allow you to equip your vehicle so that it has the same features as a new fully equipped one.

Screens of all sizes, 4G router, vehicle control systems, sensors with a screen to park without scratches, and a lot of other products that will take your car to another level.



Have you had a car accident and those involved do not agree who was at fault? Often happens. Solving this legal problem is very difficult because it is very unlikely that there will be witnesses who can verify who is responsible for them. This is where the functionality of dashcams comes into play: They turn on and off synchronously with your car’s engine, so you will be able to defend your innocence with physical and concrete evidence.

This Toguard model comes with integrated WIFI that gives you free access to the camera through your mobile, be it iPhone or Android. You simply have to connect your phone to the camera, and you can now use the mobile as a remote control where you can change the settings, view in real time, take photos, record and play video, and also download all the recordings and records.

Parking system


If you are one of those people who find it difficult to park their car, this gadget is for you. This acoustic version parking system has 4 ultrasonic sensors and a speaker to warn you when you are close to an object, car or wall. Installation is quick and hassle-free in the vehicle. You will no longer have excuses for riding on the sidewalks or running through the safety cones.

Wi-Fi access point


If you are a person who travels a lot by car for work and you are sick of the GPS application, Spotify or other applications eating up your data, this gadget is perfect for you.

This TP-LINK M7350 router works by simply inserting a 4G SIM card into the device to instantly set the selection of a dual-band Wi-Fi hotspot. It has speeds of up to 150 Mbps download and up to 50 Mbps upload. Its pocket-sized design and powerful 2000mAh internal battery make it the optimal travel companion, allowing users continuous use for 10 hours. To add even more flexibility, the device can be recharged via a micro USB cable connected to a laptop or power bank or for endless hours of 4G sharing.

Tire pressure monitoring system


Your safety is priceless and neither is that of those who accompany you in your car. That is why, even if it is a bit expensive, you should not skimp on buying this gadget for your car.

This pressure monitoring system will help you keep an eye on one of the most important groups of parts in your car: the tires. By placing these small devices on each tire valve, you can check the pressure and temperature with just one button. This gadget will also allow you to increase the life of the tire and save on fuel.

Anti-blind angle mirror


The latest generation cars have many advantages, among them is having a digital “blind spot alert” function. However, if you have a vehicle that is already a few years old in its bodywork, you may need a mirror that can be attached to your rearview mirror. However, this gadget does not require much investment, and fulfills the same function.

Radar GPS locator


We must always drive carefully and respect speed and safety regulations, but sometimes you get lost behind the wheel and press the accelerator pedal more than you should. If this has happened to you and you have already had to pay the occasional speeding ticket, this gadget is made for you. By acquiring this unique radar detector for your car, you will be able to be alert so that you do not get another expensive fine, in addition to better controlling the speed of your vehicle.

These devices may be a bit expensive, but they will avoid fines that can far exceed this amount. 

GPS tracker


Your car has been stolen and neither you nor the police can locate it. You don’t remember where you parked the car. Or, it may also be that you want to know where your adolescent son is who has taken your vehicle. In any of these situations, this gadget will be of great help that, through a simple process to link the device to your mobile, will allow you to always know p the exact location of your car. 

USB Car Charger


Your smartphone can serve as a GPS to show you the way to go but without a battery it is like a pen without ink: completely useless. Also, you should keep in mind that GPS applications tend to drain the battery of smartphones very quickly. For this reason, it is essential to get a USB car charger that you can quickly install in the cigarette lighter on the dashboard.

This Vidi charger allows you to charge two devices at the same time. In addition, you will be able to monitor the vehicle’s battery and electrical system automatically. It also comes with a blue LED light that will allow you to quickly locate it in the dark without interfering with driving.

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