The bridges are constructions of great antiquity destined to save different types of geographical accidents or other obstacles. Due to their peculiarity and the incredible designs that we can find today, they have become true emblematic pieces of the places where they are found. If you like to travel the world, you can’t miss the most famous bridges in the world!

What are the most famous bridges that we must visit?

The world is too big to be able to include here all the most famous bridges that the human being has built. But we have made a compilation of those that we consider most interesting or most beautiful. Authentic works of art that you cannot miss on your next trips.

Tower Bridge in London, England

Not only is it one of the most famous bridges we can find, but it has become a true symbol of the city. The Tower Bridge or Tower Bridge located in London, very close to said monument, which gives it its name. It is a drawbridge that crosses the River Thames and whose construction began in 1886. Due to its beauty and popularity, it has starred in various movies.

Rialto Bridge in Venice, Italy

The Grand Canal in Venice, in Italy, is crossed by four bridges. The oldest of them is the Rialto Bridge, which in addition to being popular in the city is also one of the most famous bridges in the world. It was built in 1588, finishing three years later; and its design is the work of the architect Antonio da Ponteu. It consists of a single arch and two ramps that intersect at the central portico. The cubicles that are found along them are used as shops.

Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy

In addition to Venice, Italy has another of the most famous bridges in the world in Florence, a small city of incomparable beauty. The Ponte Vecchio is the oldest stone bridge in the world, and it can also boast of being the only one that survived the Second World War. It is also known as the bridge of the jewelers or goldsmiths, since inside we find this type of shops.

Brooklyn Bridge in New York, USA

The Brooklyn Bridge is another of the most famous bridges in the cinema; the number of films in which we have seen panoramas of it is innumerable. It is a suspension bridge of great antiquity that, over the East River, connects the neighborhood that gives it its name with the island of Manhattan. Its construction was completed in 1883, and due to its length, which exceeds 1,800 meters, it is the longest suspension bridge that currently exists.

Golden Gate in San Francisco, United States

On the other side of the North American country we find another of the most famous bridges. It also represents one of the main attractions of its city, and like the previous one, it appears on the list of the longest bridges in the world. In this case, it amounts to 1,280 meters; a considerable figure considering that it was built in 1937.

Harbor Bridge in Sydney, Australia

The Bay Bridge, better known as the Sydney Harbor Bridge is one of the most famous bridges in Oceania, if not the most. Since it is a business district, in addition to having roads and rails, bicycles and pedestrians also circulate through it. What stands out the most about it is not its construction, but that of the Opera building that is next to it. Since it was completed in 1932, both make up a postcard known worldwide.

Charles Bridge in Prague, Czech Republic

The beauty that the city of Prague gives off has no equal, and a perfect representation of that is the Charles Bridge; one of its most outstanding monuments and also one of the most famous bridges. It crosses the Vltava River and connects the Lesser City or Mala Strana with the Old City or Stare Mesto. Since construction began in 1357, it is the second oldest in the country. Throughout its structure rest thirty statues of illustrious persons and saints in a mainly Baroque style.

 Chain Bridge in Budapest, Hungary

The Chain Bridge is one of the most famous bridges in the world, but also the oldest in the city in which it is located: Budapest. On the Danube, it was inaugurated on November 20, 1849, after two decades under construction. However, after the bombings of the Second World War, it had to be rebuilt, and it was inaugurated again in 1949. Together with the previous one, they constitute two jewels of Central Europe.

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