Is it possible to earn money from home? The resounding answer is YES. It may be that for a long time the idea of ​​saying goodbye to the routine of going to the office every day, keeping a schedule and submitting to the occurrences of your boss… you know that what you think is not so far-fetched. More and more people are working from home, choosing to live more flexibly and taking responsibility for their own financial independence.

How are people who are encouraged to earn money from home?

Can everyone make money from home? Yes, but you must be a proactive, organized, responsible person with a desire to excel . If you like getting things done, following someone else’s orders, sticking to strict schedules, and are afraid of new things, this may not be the best option for you. In any case, you can always follow our 10 keys to looking for a job.

People who earn money from home are often entrepreneurs by nature . They are always looking for new business opportunities and, in general, they combine work with pleasure since they dedicate themselves to doing what they like best or what they are best at. They enjoy a different lifestyle and earn money building the life they have always dreamed of.

10 ways to earn money from home

Certainly there are many ways to earn money from home, below we will look at some of the best known (and, for many, exciting).

1. Create a blog

Writing a blog is one of the most popular ways to earn money from home. Despite the rise of social networks like Instagram, there are numerous ways to monetize and monetize a blog . Also, it’s wonderful to be able to earn money writing about things you like, don’t you think? The investment you need to start is ridiculous and if you work carefully and generate quality content you can earn a lot of money. Some of the ways to earn money with your blog are: through affiliation, selling advertising on your blog, selling digital products (guides, ebooks, tutorials…), among others. Logically, earning a lot of money with your blog will take you some time, it requires effort and perseverance like everything in life. But it is an excellent option to earn income doing something you like.

How do I start making money from home with my blog? We recommend some pages of professionals who have free courses (and paid courses to get you started in the exciting world of blogs):

  • Susana Torralbo : is one of the national communication guru for entrepreneurs. When you enter her website you will fall in love with her. All the people who have done any of her courses recommend her, there are some about Instagram, product launch, photography, etc. Seeing a small sample of her own work you will realize that she loves what she does and that she is a real crack at it.
  • Carlicas : Carla is a Panamanian entrepreneur who changed her stable job at a multinational to start earning money from home thanks to her travel blog. Currently, she has 10 different online businesses, she has far exceeded the salary she received in her previous job and her website is full of very useful (and free) resources for all those who like her decide undertake).

2. Open a YouTube channel

Many years ago, children wanted to be doctors or teachers, then the fashion was to be a footballer or a singer, now if you ask a child what they want to be when they grow up, it is very likely that their answer will be YouTubber. And it is that the creation of content in video format is one of the most profitable ways to earn money from home. Of course, like everything in life they require work and preparation, but in any case there are many sources of income from having a successful channel on YouTube : advertisements, affiliation, sponsorships, patronage… you would be amazed to discover what you can achieve win someone who is dedicated to audiovisual content without leaving home.

How do I start making money from home with a YouTube channel? The first thing is to train yourself well in all matters related to the creation and editing of audiovisual content, find a suitable market niche and educate yourself well. On the YouTube creators website you will find a lot of useful information to help you take your channel to stardom.

3. Virtual nurse serum

One of the ways to earn money from home that is gaining the most strength in recent years is to be a virtual assistant. The dream job for organized, decisive, agile and well-connected people, since it consists of providing administrative services to companies : from organizing the agenda, managing emails and phone calls, organizing trips, etc. You only need a mobile phone, a computer and a good Internet connection to start earning money without going out.

How do I start making money from home as a virtual assistant? You can offer your services to friends and acquaintances, advertise on job portals or create your own website. Without a doubt, LinkedIn will always be one of the best portals to make yourself known, search and find work and interesting projects. Our recommendation is that you consciously work on your profile, highlighting your services, skills, experience and using keywords that make it easier for your profile to appear in the searches of those who are looking for a virtual assistant.

4. Recommend products

Are you the typical friend that everyone asks for advice? If you have been working as a gastronomic guide, beauty advisor, travel agent and personal shopper all your life, you should consider taking advantage of that special gift to recommend what you have. Where to start? identify your strengths and try to specialize, there are many websites where you can earn money from home by recommending products and you can also do it through your social networks using discount codes and membership. It all adds up!

How do I start making money from home recommended products? There are hundreds of websites that offer you the affiliation option but, without a doubt, the giant of giants is Amazon affiliates, with which you can earn advertising commissions of up to 12%, take a look and start today!

5. Give classes and tutorials online

If you are an expert in any subject, take advantage of your talent! Online classes and tutorials are highly valued and so are mentoring. While it is true that the Internet is an inexhaustible source of free resources for learning and training, it is also true that talent is on the rise and there are hundreds of people hoping to have a guide or guru to help them with their projects.

How do I start earning money from home by giving online classes or tutorials? Get inspired by the Mompreneur project, a community of women who offer practical training for entrepreneurs, online and face-to-face courses to start from scratch.

6. Sell your photos online

If you are passionate about photography and have talent behind the lens, you can consider making money from home by selling your photographs. There are special platforms to make you known and sell your images to content creators and companies looking to illustrate their work. At first you do not need to invest too much and if your business starts to work, you can consider investing in more sophisticated equipment. Discover here what your photos say about you.

How do I start making money from home selling my photos online? You can sign up for platforms as wonderful as Unsplash, where photographers give away some of their photos for free to publicize their work and attract new customers interested in buying their photos.

7. Create online courses

If you are passionate about education or your talent is teaching others how to do something productive (or not), the best way to earn money from home that you can find is to create online courses and sell them. It also does not require a large investment and you can reach many people with your lessons.

How do I start making money from home by creating online courses? There are as many online courses as there are different topics in the world, in fact there are platforms that are exclusively dedicated to the production and marketing of online courses such as Escuela Bitacoras that specializes in educators, maternity and paternity.

8. Work as a content editor or copywriter

If your strong point is writing and you enjoy creating content, one of the best ways to earn money from home is by writing texts for others (or for yourself). With the rise of the Internet and web pages, every day hundreds of thousands of people are needed to write for different media, businesses, entities and you can do it without leaving the sofa (better if you sit at the desk) with the only company of your computer.

How do I start making money from home by creating content? There are numerous platforms for freelance writers like Malt, which put you in contact with people or companies that need your services as a writer.

9. Offer your community manager service

Another of the booming professions with the reign of the Internet and social networks is that of community manager. Today there is no company that does not have social networks and, the truth is that hiring a person to be in charge of managing the different channels is essential since all the work involved in creating content, responding to messages and growing a community it is immense and difficult to assume. That is why there are more and more community managers who are betting on earning money from home offering their services as freelancers.

10. El network marketing

Multilevel marketing is one of the oldest ways to earn money from home that exists but it is still booming today. It is a business model that requires minimal investment and is based on the direct sale of products through independent distributors and these, in turn, can offer to join the business to other people who want to earn money from home and thus earn commissions also for the sales of its distributors. You must study if the possibilities and opportunities they offer really fit what you are looking for and if so, get down to work and make sure that the company you decide on does not have a pyramid sales structure since that is a practice illegal all over the world. You can find out about it at the Spanish Association of Direct Sales.

How do I start making money from home with network marketing? Find a product you are passionate about and a company whose values ​​and philosophy fit perfectly with yours and start your home business! The good thing about these types of companies is that they provide a lot of training, motivation, and helpful resources for their distributors to grow in the business. 

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