Are you sure the woman you’re with is liking you? Here is a list of what the woman in your life might want in the bedroom.

Here’s a fact that most men may not be aware of: Women are very sexual, so sexual that they love sex as much as men. They too have strong sexual desires like men. The most surprising thing is that these desires are not always based on emotion or driven by intimacy.

In the book What Do Women Want? Adventures in the Science of Female Desire by Daniel Bergner, the author even went so far as to suggest that women’s intense sexual cravings actually make them have a greater tendency to be more polygamous than men.

However, the problem here is, despite greater social acceptance regarding sensuality and sexual empowerment, many women still find it difficult to speak openly to their partner about sex. And this is because women are not culturally programmed to speak out about sex without hesitation.

Chances are they would be beaten with shame for telling their partners what they want in bed. If they talk about sex, they will most likely feel guilty about it later, thanks to the company constantly telling them that anything remotely related to sex is shameful.

Susan Carrell, the writer behind Escape Toxic Guilt , says that women always feel guilty or ashamed, because they have always been taught that “being good is the most important thing” ?? So for the fear of being perceived as “dirty”? “cheap,”?? or “not good enough for a long term relationship” ?? women prefer to keep their sexual thoughts and desires to themselves.

Would they just trust their partners to intuitively know what they wanted in bed, or would they drop “tips”? which are not always as effective as they think. And here’s why: Women can master the art of faking an orgasm. It’s easy to fake oooh and ahhhs in bed. The only way to truly know if they are happy with what you do with them and for them is through the question.

The secret requests for sex from women

Women most likely won’t tell you what they want or what they think about your performance in bed. So here’s a list of what women really want from their partners when it comes to sex, but they’re too ashamed to ask for it. These requests come from real women who, like you, recognize the fact that great sex is vital to a healthy and lasting relationship.

# 1 “More please.” ?? It doesn’t refer to the length of your manhood. He’s talking about the act of foreplay.According to the Journal of Sex Research, both women and men want foreplay to last at least 18 minutes. Make sure you cover all the bases, from head to toe. More time for foreplay also leads to better orgasms, so take your time.

# 2 “I want it rough at times.” ?? Women are not as delicate as you think. A little roughness is sexy. Gently tug on her long locks as you take her from behind. You can also try some spanking. Or how about tearing her lingerie off in the hallway while you get ready for stand-up sex? If you do, be sure to take her shopping for underwear again.

# 3 “Don’t go straight to my boobs or female parts.” ?? Going straight to the goods actually lessens the sexual tension. As you take the time to please her before intercourse, she tries out other erogenous zones like her feet, scalp, and the delicate skin behind her knees. Don’t skip the passionate kiss of her lip or neck, no matter how much you get used to this part.

# 4 “Lick me to your heart’s content.” ?? Bring sexy props like wine, chocolate syrup and cream. Spread them in his erogenous zones and start licking. But women hate to unpack the bed, so make sure you have a large towel or sheets of wax paper spread out over the bed so she doesn’t have to clean up after the lovemaking session.

# 5 “Let’s go to the public.” ?? There is nothing more exciting * or terrifying * than having sex in public. The combination of terror and arousal electrifies the sexual experience. Here are public places where you can have sex with a relatively low risk of getting caught: your colorful car, the shady part of a park or cemetery, the staging room of a huge warehouse, and a classroom that isn’t in. use.

# 6 “Ties”. Women would love to hand over their body to you, even if it was just for one day. Tie her up and intensify the arousal with a bandage. Remember to apply for no. 1 and n. 4 here. Tease her with other foreplay and use food as licking material.

# 7 “Let’s role-play.” ?? Women may not enjoy watching porn with you, but they also have fantasies. Have you noticed the sudden popularity of erotic novels? Erotic novels have been around for some time, but before they weren’t as socially accepted as they are today. Some classic roles are nurse / doctor, teacher / student, and master / servant.

# 8 “Talk dirty to me.” Women don’t need you to shut up in the bedroom. Dirty talking helps to intensify the sexual tension, but first you need to evaluate his comfort level. Not sure what to say? Start with soft-core dirty language. Can you say something like “baby, you’re so sexy in this lingerie” ?? or “I want you so bad” ?? or “I spent the whole day thinking I was inside you.” ??

# 9We use toys.” ?? Please don’t feel inferior or incompetent in bed if your lady wants to use her vibrators or her dildo. These are just accessories to help her get the most out of the whole sexual experience. If she doesn’t have toys, she won’t hurt to suggest shopping for some with your girlfriend. She will surely appreciate how willing you are to bring some toys into the bedroom.

# 10 “I’ll take your orders too.” ?? Like you, women also want to please you sexually. They don’t want to be left in the dark in bed. Tell them what to do. They would be more than happy to send and follow your orders as long as they are inside her.

Follow these tips and listen to your partner’s suggestions. Remember, happy and fulfilling relationships are ones where both of you can truly meet each other’s needs. Don’t be afraid to ask your partner what he wants and experiment with new suggestions. The key here is to respect and listen to your partner at all times.

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