The sports are varied, but are all known to provide a time of fun and merriment. However, there are some that are very dangerous and whose practice requires flawless precision.

They are called extreme sports. Discover in this article the sports disciplines where the slightest mistake can be fatal for the practitioner.

Flight in Wingsuit

Ever since man can remember, it has always been a dream for him to soar through the skies like a bird. Wingsuit flying is just the reality of that dream. Participants can be dropped from great heights with or without the aid of a parachute. But the real thrill comes when there is no parachute .

It is recommended to always use a parachute if you are not a professional. Wingsuit flying is dangerous due to the risk of faulty equipment or lack of concentration. But, compared to the other entries on this list, it’s not as dangerous as it is exciting . With the proper precautions, it could be a wonderful experience for anyone brave enough to try flying.

Downhill Bike

Downhill biking comes with lots of adventurous trails and lots of excitement. Even the thought of hurtling down a 50-meter-long hill at 40 kilometers per hour and overcoming all incoming obstacles can delight any cyclist.

Although it is very dangerous, it is also very popular. Downhill biking can lead to concussions , organ damage , serious injuries, broken bones, internal bleeding, and many other serious injuries.

On a sporty downhill adventure, it’s always important to wear the right gear. You can enjoy this sport, but only if you follow the rules and are a pro.


There are plenty of Olympic Games that appeal not only to the spectators, but also to the players. Luge is a sport that is part of the Olympic Games . It is one of the most dangerous sports there is. Because it involves hurtling down an icy track with an inclination at a speed of 140 km/h.

The player must overcome the height and prove himself to be a brave and strong person. On the last lap of the race, the player must bend their body at a certain angle to increase their speed. Even a slight mistake during practice can lead to certain death . Sledding has caused a lot of brain damage and death in recent years.


Although it is so popular, it is also quite dangerous. Bowling has caused many deaths around the world. Players are required to play the game until their last heartbeat. They don’t take any breaks for the win , because that’s the rule of the sport.

Those who survive are often left with torn knees , broken bones, bruises, and fractured hips. The excessive amount of stress caused by this sport can lead to heart attacks and strokes . Without a doubt, lawn bowling is a very dangerous sport.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is another sport that may not seem dangerous at first glance. But it is the cause of many long-lasting injuries . Equestrian competitions involve riders working their horses through obstacles. Judges award points based on the number of obstacles racers clear and the style with which they did it.

Many riding-related injuries each year include spinal cord damage and even long-term paralysis . The dangers of horseback riding may not be known to everyone. However, it is difficult to say that this sport is not dangerous. Riders can also be injured when on the ground near their own horse or other horses.

Children can be particularly vulnerable . Some seemingly simple activities, such as driving a horse to its paddock, can result in fatal kicks (risk of injury). The sport is not only dangerous for riders. It is also for horses that can end up with broken legs due to the strong force exerted on them.

Cave diving

Scuba diving is a fun sport that allows you to hide at the bottom of the oceans and discover the wonders that lie hidden there. Cave diving, however, is the most dangerous type of scuba diving there is.

Divers have to explore caves underwater and this can involve many dangers. Uncertainty is a contributing factor to the fear that accompanies cave diving. Gas management is a major issue that divers have to deal with . That’s why it’s crucial for divers to make sure they find a way into the caves in time before it’s too late.

Cave diving is a terrifying sport and only the bravest divers would be willing to discover the deepest parts of the unknown ocean.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is a contact sport that involves throwing a rubber puck into the opponent’s net using a hockey stick. The game is already dangerous, as it is played on an ice field and even though players use extensive padding and protection, injuries can still be sustained .

However, the most loved elements by fans of this game are the fights that occur between players. These fights can turn into full-fledged fights that are completely legal. These fights can be gruesome and a common sight after a hockey game is the bloody arena and the human teeth that remain.

Some of the most common accidents that occur while playing ice hockey are neck injuries, lower problems, tendinitis, foot injuries, black eyes, head injuries, broken teeth, cuts, frostbite, spinal cord injuries and broken bones.

Dakar Rally

The Dakar rally is an off-road race that is usually done over 800 kilometres . The courses vary with each competitive race, but the thrill remains the same. Amateurs and professionals are allowed to enter. There is no real track and the drivers have to fight their way through unpredictable tracks to win.

Weather, driver skill, support crew skill, and terrain conditions all contribute to whether or not a competitor wins. The dangers of the sport are undeniable and only the toughest drivers and vehicles survive .

High Altitude Climbing        

Climbing mountains can be a daunting task. High altitude climbers are brave people who climb some of the highest mountain ranges in the world. High altitude climbing takes weeks and is usually done in groups. There is a lot of equipment needed for a climb and without these basic necessities, the ascent and descent could be considerably more difficult .

The effects of high altitudes are intense. People may experience difficulty breathing . Other effects can prove fatal. There is a certain death zone that exists in the high mountains where oxygen levels are insufficient. High altitude climbing is an arduous task that requires a lot of patience and willpower.

The feeling of having completed a climb can be unparalleled . But achieving this is almost impossible. However, death rates have declined, making the sport a popular attraction for thrill seekers.

Longboard descent

Downhill Longboarding is an extension of skateboarding in that the sport uses a similar board that is slightly longer than conventional skateboarding. Reaching speeds of up to 60 kilometers per hour is dangerous, as it involves all the risks of skateboarding and it is much faster than any other board sport.

Unlike surfing, with longboarding you don’t have the comfort of knowing if you’re landing in snow or water. The hard ground underneath that can break bones and cause rips and scrapes . Longboarding becomes more dangerous as surfers head to busy roads and don’t have enough safety gear.

However, if you have all the necessary protection and avoid busy areas, longboarding can be one of the safest extreme sports .

Cliff Jump

Cliff jumping is a sport where a person jumps off a cliff. That is just about everything. With thrill seekers looking for higher and higher points to jump from, it’s no surprise that the sport is extremely dangerous. No protective equipment is required for the sport. Which makes it even more dangerous.

A common misconception among hobbyists is that jumping into water wouldn’t be so harmful. While this is a reality that could not be further from the truth. Jumping into water from heights of up to 7 meters deep can feel like plunging headlong into a brick wall!

In addition to death, cliff jumping can cause serious injuries such as concussions, broken bones, joint dislocation , and spinal cord injury, including paralysis.

 Because of these risks, many countries do not advocate the activity of cliff jumping or diving, regardless of the height above the surface of the water. However, due to the popularity of sports videos on social media sites like YouTube and Facebook, there has been a recent increase in the trend. Practitioners take more risks to satisfy the spectators.

Even professionals who have been in the sport for years experience injuries from time to time .

Mixed Martial Arts                                                                           

Mixed martial arts is a combat sport in its own right allowing you to strike and use all kinds of techniques from other combat sports. Fighters are often seen using boxing, martial arts, kickboxing, and jiu-jitsu techniques to gain the upper hand over their opponents.

It really comes as no surprise that this sport is extremely dangerous . Besides the physical consequences a fighter can suffer inside the octagon or in training, the sport is notorious for leaving fighters traumatized and forever changed as people. An important part of the sport is the training that a main event fight requires. And all the while, the contestants go all out, throwing abuse and constantly humiliating the other fighter.

The psychological effects can be pretty clear. A popular example is the fight between Conor McGregor and José Aldo. With an imposing skill set, Jose was a highly respected fighter in the discipline. However, he was shot down in just 12 seconds on D-Day.

Besides psychological trauma, and unlike boxing where only the head needs protection, any part of your body could be seriously injured .

American Football

American football is a sport that needs no introduction. It’s a softer version of rugby. But make no mistake. American football is a very physical sport that requires all kinds of protections to help the players. However, even that cannot prevent the myriad injuries that are commonplace on the pitch. Since 1931, there have been 1,027 recorded deaths in American football.

The nature of the game requires players to be ready to attack and be attacked as hard as they can. Players can practically use any part of their body to do this. But, using their heads is a popular thing. This undoubtedly adds the risk of concussions. Sprains, broken bones, and fractured ribs are common injuries one can sustain on the playing field.

The sport has been the cause of so many deaths and is even scientifically proven to shorten the lives of players. It’s no surprise that many people think it should be abolished altogether. The injuries suffered by American football players need not be discussed at this point.

Efforts to make the sport safer for players have been unsuccessful so far. Because the damage that occurs usually cannot be seen with the naked eye. It’s the speed and force with which players ram their helmeted heads into other players that is the problem. If the game stays the same, there’s no doubt that gamers will continue to fall victim to the sport they love .

Volcano Boarding

Volcano boarding involves the practitioner ascending a volcano and sliding on a metal board. Two popular boarding sites are Cerro Negro and Mount Yasur. Cerro Negro is another volcanic site where volcano boarding is very popular. It can be considered an active volcano , although the last recorded eruption was in 1999.

Mount Yasur is also an active volcano where eruptions are much more frequent. The sport is dangerous for many reasons, one being the active volcano below the practitioner. Other potential hazards include breathing in toxic gases, molten lava hits, and cuts from raw volcanic ash.

A fairly rare sport due to the lack of accessible volcanoes, and willing participants, volcano boarding is always an exciting experience one can have.

Bull Riding

A sport that needs little introduction, bull riding is one of the most exciting and dangerous sports that few brave people participate in. The rules are quite simple in theory. Above the bull, the rider must hold the bull’s rope with one hand and attempt to stay there for 8 seconds.

The judges score the rider and the bull based on their performance. Injuries may be sustained . If you fall from the raging bull and it’s not your day, the bull can turn around quickly and aggravate your injuries. Bull riding is truly a sport of life and death , with some even calling it the most dangerous eight seconds of all sports. There is therefore no doubt that this sporting discipline is at the head of this review.

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