Some men aim to lose weight . According to the a study, an increasing percentage of men are overweight. And the older they get, the more their weight increases. In the 55-64 age group, the prevalence of obesity reaches 20%.

Weight gain in men being to be distinguished from that of women, here are some tips for losing weight… for men!

“Android” fat

In general, the superfluous kilos of men are rather located on the upper body, at the level of the face, the arms, the chest, the belly… this is what is called android overweight, from the Greek andros meaning “man”.

The so-called visceral fat, that is to say that located inside the abdomen (large belly), in addition to being unsightly, can also prove to be dangerous for health. Indeed, being overweight in the abdominal area can lead to cardiovascular problems. Moreover, in addition to the weight, the doctor attaches great importance to measuring the belly. Beyond 102 cm, in men, it will be time to intervene…

It is therefore important to monitor weight gain, especially in the stomach. A balanced diet and regular physical activity should be preferred. But, good news for men: their body manages to lose weight more easily than that of women. One of the reasons: men’s bodies are naturally made up of more muscle and therefore have more “lean” mass than “fat” mass. Result, a man has in principle a little easier to lose his belly, than a woman to lose her hips…

Bad habits

Like women, men sometimes have bad eating habits that are poorly adapted to their build, which they often find difficult to abandon. And yet, these bad habits will have to be abandoned if you men want to lose weight…

> Snacking: It’s hard to resist the call of a chocolate bar, a soda or a packet of candy in the middle of the day… and yet, the number one step for losing weight is to stop all nibbling! Indeed, to avoid the storage of unnecessary fat, the body needs meals at fixed times. At the limit, if the feeling of hunger is unbearable, fall for a fresh fruit or a yogurt without sugar.

> Fast food or prepared meals: Another bad habit, if it’s one you follow too often! Of course, ordering a pizza or buying ready-made meals (often too high in fat) is much simpler and faster than getting into the kitchen… Unfortunately, these prepared meals are often too fatty, too salty and too sweet. It is therefore time to ban them (or limit them) from the diet, and put on an apron!

> The aperitif: Two of the biggest enemies of the line are found at the aperitif: alcohol and crackers. To still keep this pleasant moment, replace the excessively fatty peanuts with chopped raw vegetables, accompanied by a 0% fromage blanc sauce. As for alcohol, know how to limit yourself!

> The dosage of quantities: One of the big differences in the diet of men and women is the management of quantities. Men indeed tend to serve large portions, while their stomach does not need to be satiated. The solution: rather than a plate filled to the brim, we use small portions several times. We also take the time to chew each bite well – which will speed up the feeling of satiety, and to eat slowly.

 Tips for losing weight

If you have decided to lose a few extra pounds, to lose weight, it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle, and above all some dietary advice adapted to men:

> Food A healthy and balanced diet is essential for losing weight. Here are some simple menu ideas that you can take inspiration from on a daily basis:

Breakfast – 1 whole fruit or fresh juice. – 2 slices of wholemeal bread + light jam OR bowl of cereal without sugar. – 1 yoghurt 0%. – 1 hot drink without sugar.

Lunch – 1 baguette sandwich (chicken, tuna) OR a large salad with salmon and a drizzle of olive oil. – 1 serving of cheese. – 2 fresh fruits. – Water.

Snack (optional) – 1 fresh fruit. – 1 yogurt. – 1 hot drink without sugar.

Dinner – Green salad OR bowl of vegetable soup. – 2 boiled eggs with a slice of wholemeal bread. – 1 light yogurt. – 1 fresh fruit. – Water or infusion.

We must also favor in meals legumes which bring a feeling of satiety. Of course, it is better to take the advice of a nutritionist or dietician. These professionals will be able to give you advice based on your food tastes.

> Physical activity The ideal would be to practice half an hour a day of sporting activity. But the overloaded schedule between work, friends and family does not always allow it.

To keep the line and be in shape, it is still advisable to practice at least 3 sessions of 1 hour of sport per week. Running, swimming, weight room, cycling… it’s up to you to choose according to your tastes!

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