Have you ever eaten vegan fast food at a restaurant chain thinking it was healthy? We tell you if it is really good for your health.

Vegan fast food is considered healthy by many people. However, is it really a quality product or can it be included in the group of ultra-processed products? We are going to solve all these doubts so that you know if it is worth consuming it.

Before we begin, it should be noted that vegan diets are not healthy just because they restrict the consumption of foods of animal origin. In fact, this can be quite a negative point. Instead, its wholesomeness will depend on your approach and the products introduced on a regular basis.

Vegan fast food and its components

Many fast food chains have begun to incorporate vegan options in their menus, in order to reach a wider audience. However, the fact that they do not have meat does not mean that these foods are of good quality .

These foods can be made with vegetable remains, with highly refined oils and with additives. In addition, added sugars are a constant in many products of this type.

For example, certain food additives, such as nitrites, have been associated with an increased risk of developing some types of cancer, according to a study published in the journal Nutrients . These compounds can appear in normal fast food, but also in vegan. In this case, we would not be talking about a quality food.

Likewise, it must be taken into account that cooking methods can influence the healthiness of a product ; It’s not just their ingredients that matter. For example, when lipids —vegetable oils— are subjected to aggressive thermal processes, a change is produced in the spatial configuration of their molecules, which thus transform from cis to trans.

These nutrients, trans fatty acids, increase the risk of developing several complex pathologies. According to research published in the journal Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome , its regular intake is related to a higher incidence of cardiovascular disease.

Vegan does not equal healthy

As discussed, vegan fast food does not have to be healthy or quality. Rather this will depend on the ingredients chosen and the cooking method applied . The problem is that these types of preparations are often associated with the wrong health profile. Normally, they are presented in attractive packaging, as well as being careful with the environment.

It must be taken into account, on the other hand, that sugar is a vegan food . This ingredient has been shown to be able to increase the risk of diabetes if consumed chronically. However, it is one of the most recurring elements in the food industry, thanks to the fact that it manages to improve the flavor and texture of many preparations.

For this reason, it is essential to review the labels of the foods consumed , in the event that they are purchased packaged. If the presence of added sugars or food additives is detected, do not abuse the consumption of these products, since they could be unhealthy.

Meanwhile, you have to be excessively cautious with vegan preparations prepared in fast food restaurants. These edibles are designed to please the consumer in terms of organoleptic characteristics, not to be good for health. The general recommendation is not to abuse these and use them only occasionally.

Vegan fast food is not healthy

As you have seen, vegan fast food is not a healthy product. The fact that something does not contain meat ingredients or derivatives does not mean that it benefits health . In fact, meat has been unjustifiably linked to a higher incidence of pathologies for many years, when the evidence has shown otherwise.

Veganism must be a choice that responds to ethical factors, in no case to motivations related to the state of health. Once this feeding method has been adopted, it is necessary to continue reviewing the labels and worrying about covering the dietary requirements, in order to avoid deficits.

You have to be careful with the vegan-type dishes offered in supermarkets, since many fall into the category of ultra-processed industrial foods. The same happens with vegan fast food, which may contain substances that impair the functioning of the body in the medium term. In all cases, the recommendation is not to abuse its consumption.

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