In recent years Huawei has been penalized in its smartphones for the blocking of Google services, something that has affected its sales outside of China.

However, this has only happened in their mobiles, while their laptops maintain collaboration with Microsoft, thanks to this their models in this area not only exhibit excellent hardware qualities, they also “dress” with the most frequently used software without penalizing to the user at all. Proof of this is the most advanced laptop that Huawei has launched to date: the MateBook X Pro. We have tested it and this is the verdict.

As far as specifications are concerned, we are dealing with a 1.38-kilo device, 14.2-inch touch screen, Intel Core i7-1260P processor, graphics by Intel Iris Xe, 16 GB memory with 1 TB and Windows 11 Home in charge of the software. This is the DNA of the laptop but much more is hidden behind its genetics. His body is made of a magnesium alloy.and the difference with those that use other materials, such as aluminum, is not only in the weight (less) but in the ability to absorb shocks: magnesium has greater resistance and for a laptop it is something very valuable. To this we must add a textured outer layer with oil-repellent properties: basically a polymer that repels our skin’s own grease (read fingers) and prevents fingerprint marks.

The screen, on the other hand, borders on infinity with meager bezels and a very fast tactile response that may take some getting used to at first for classic users, but which soon becomes essential for everyday tasks… if only it were compatible with some stylus , and would be the icing on the cake .The power button with fingerprint in one of the corners is also very useful and fast: it avoids the use of passwords and it is very easy to configure. One of the interesting details is that despite its size and weight, the laptop can be opened with one hand, thanks to the gap between the keyboard and the screen and the location of the hinge. And speaking of the keyboard: fast response, backlit and not afraid of heavy tasks. Something similar with the trackpad, of considerable size. Here we have discovered that it is not only used to navigate the screen, it also has a total of 8 programmable gestures that allow us to slide our finger to increase or decrease the volume, answer video calls, close windows… whatever we are able to think of.

But all that glitters is not gold and there are some drawbacks. One of them is that in terms of connectivity, it lacks ports: it includes two Thunderbolt 4, two USB-C (one for charging) and a 3.5 mm jack. First quibble: the two USB-C ports are on the same side and sometimes charging is awkwardby having to place it in a specific orientation. Another USB-C port on the opposite side is missing and perhaps a micro-HDMI output and even an SD card slot on the front, as old models used to have. Another detail: at full capacity the temperature rises and can be annoying, same as fan noise.It is not worrisome but it is a detail to take into account in certain work environments. The other aspect that has frowned upon us slightly is autonomy: it does not exceed 6 hours with normal use and if we take into account that charging takes about 90 minutes, it is difficult to use it over a long day.

What the Matebook Pro X does include is a very useful connection and that although it does not give more battery, it does save time: Super device. Thanks to this capability it is possible to wirelessly connect the laptop to other devices directly, wirelessly and easily. It is enough to approximate them so that both are detected and information can be transferred (files, images, etc.) but also access the content of both devices: for example, view mobile files on the computer and even play games. And in this specific section, we must highlight the reproduction of colors (if there is not a lot of ambient light that causes annoying reflections) it is a delight and the sound has also been very careful to make the multimedia experience high-end.

Verdict: The Matebook Pro X is one of the best computers today and, if it weren’t for the issue of ports and a plus that it lacks in the battery, it would be the leader in the market.

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