Are horror movies or games not enough for you? Watch these horror series. You will have your dose of chills and fears for several months!

Do you feel that plots resolve too quickly in horror movies? It would be ideal to follow TV series in full. In this list, here are the most appalling titles that we will never forget. Prepare a bowl of popcorn, make yourself comfortable on your sofa, and turn off the lights for an even more dreadful experience. Just take care to keep young children away (you can check out our dedicated list of Halloween movies that are suitable for the whole family).

American Horror Story

Among the horror series offered in the audiovisual landscape, American Horror Story has become cult. Created and produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, the program debuted on the FX channel in the United States in 2011. Its seasons air on Canal+Series in France and are then available on Netflix .

As this is an anthology series, each season is independent . Each new viewer can therefore start watching without having to return to the very first episodes. For example, Season 1 — which is titled Murder House — tells the gruesome story of the Harmon family . After going through a difficult ordeal, she leaves Boston and moves into a Victorian home in Los Angeles.


Also known as Living with the Dead or The Door From Beyond, Apparitions is a miniseries directed by Stephen Gyllenhaal . The production dates from 2002, but continues to sow terror among many generations.

Indeed, the plot begins with James Van Praagh — a man in his forties — who receives a strange call about his late mother . He then remembers his childhood in a Catholic establishment where he had the gift of communicating with the dead.

Twin Peaks

Set in an imaginary town in Washington State, this title is one of the horror series that makes you tremble with the most fear. Directed by Mark Frost and David Flynch, this mix of drama and fantasy deals with a case that begins with the discovery of a corpse.

These are the remains of Laura Palmer , an adorable and beloved high school student. FBI agent Dale Cooper leads the investigation and finds that mysteries hide behind his story.


This thriller made an impression during its broadcast years from 2013 to 2015. Developed by Bryan Fuller, Hannibal was immensely successful, thanks in particular to its talented actors like Hugh Dancy and, above all, Madds Mikkelsen in the title role .

Its 39 episodes retrace the tumultuous relationship between Will, a psychologically unstable FBI agent, and the psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a fine gourmet and murderer in his spare time.

The Walking Dead

Starring actor Andrew Lincoln, The Walking Dead is one of the favorite series for horror fans. Lincoln stars as Kings County Sheriff — Rick Grimes — who wakes up from a days-long coma. He soon discovers that the outside world is devastated by a mysterious epidemic that changes humans into undead called “prowlers”.

Channel Zero

Looking for an anthology series after American Horror Story? Nick Antosca has imagined a series combining thriller, drama and urban legend for more fright. In 1980, Channel Zero tells horrific stories that can be found on the web .

In season 1, a psychologist returns to his hometown to investigate these disturbing phenomena that caused the disappearance of his twin brother and children.

Ash Vs Evil Dead

Having made its debut on Starz in the United States, this TV series follows the events of the Evil Dead trilogy , a film franchise from renowned director Sam Raimi. OCS Choc welcomed her to France in 2016 to quench viewers’ thirst for panic.

The story revolves around former demon-stalker Ash Williams, who mistakenly awakened the Cadaverous, creatures that threaten the human race.

The Terror

Are you a fan of psychological horror? This other anthology series is a mix of thriller and drama and story telling historical events  that will make you jump.

The first season traces a perilous expedition to find the famous Northeast Passage (going to the Pacific through the ice of Canada). As for the 2nd season, it takes place during the Second World War. Thus, mysterious deaths multiply within the Japanese-American community, while Chester Nakayama, his family and his relatives are condemned to a concentration camp.

Stranger Things

One of Netflix’s biggest hits , Stranger Things is a horror science fiction series. Produced by the Duffer Brothers, Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen, it is one of the most watched streaming programs in the world.

In 1983, when Will Byers vanishes into the town of Hawkins , his friends go looking for him and often hit a dead end. But a mysterious girl on the run will accompany the boys on this adventure.


Launched in 2020, this Mary Laws creation is loved by lovers of anthology horror series. The plot is about desperate individuals who act unreasonably to deal with their situations. But they will eventually realize that they are vulnerable to werewolves, fallen angels and demonic creatures.

The Returned

This horror series is an adaptation of Les Revenants by Fabrice Gobert. Available on Netflix, the episodes show dead people coming back to life on a mountain. The latter wish to resume a normal life, but they will quickly be confronted with events that send shivers down their spines.

Vampire Diaries

If you are a fan of horror series with vampires, this one is for you. This famous title has made Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder , or even Paul Wesley real stars all over the world.

It all takes place in Virginia where young Elena Gilbert and her brother Jeremy are trying to recover after losing their parents in a car accident. The young woman will meet brothers with opposite characters , and will discover that they are in fact bloodsucking vampires.

The Haunting of Hill House

The Haunting (in English, The Haunting of Hill House) is a production with independent seasons, with an original concept among horror series. The most famous of them remains the first, the plot of which is taken from a novel by Shirley Jackson .

In 1992, Hugh and Olivia want to enjoy their summer getaways with their five children at a mansion named Hill House . But shortly after installation, Olivia’s behavior literally changes.


This sci-fi series was released in 2019 on Netflix. A young girl has disturbing visions after having a heart transplant. She then insists on knowing the tragic fate of the heart donor who saved her life.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Also known as The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, this series is based on a comic book of the same name. The story is about Sabrina Spellman, a witch-mortal hybrid who lives in Greendale.

From her birthday, she has a choice: become a member of the satanic group Church of the Night or live as a human without powers. But the terrible Madame Satan will do everything to integrate him into the clan.

The Strain

The Strain stands out from other horror series for its standout plot . The FX channel launched it for the first time in the United States, then on Canal+ Series in 2015.

It’s all about a Boeing 777 landing at New York airport with a terrifying surprise. Indeed, the plane does not contain any sign of life. To shed light on the situation, Eph Goodweather, a scientific expert, investigates the scene.

Scare me

A mixture of youth, horror and fantasy, this work by DJ MacHale has fascinated fans of horror series since 1990 . Of Canadian origin, this creation is also called “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” » and originally had 6 seasons from 1990 to 1996, then a sequel was born in 2019.

It collects multiple independent stories that the members of the Société de Minuit tell each other every week, during their weekly meetings.

The Twilight Zone

Also called The Twiight Zone, it is a fantastic and science fiction work created by Rod Serling broadcast in the United States between 1959 and 1964. The mixture of genres gives a particular flavor to the plots, which are close to this what Black Mirror does for example. Thus, the program addresses many macabre themes capable of freezing the blood of the spectator by an always unexpected fall.

A reboot dubbed The Twilight Zone: The Twilight Zone has been underway since 2019 with director Jordan Peele at the helm.

The Outsider

Airing for the first time on HBO in the United States and on OCS City in France, this miniseries reserves a scenario of nightmares , extremely catchy. It stands out from the pack of standard horror series thanks to its enigmatic plot revolving around the mutilated body of an eleven-year-old boy found in a forest in the state of Georgia.

Beyond reality

Originally titled The Outer Limits, this American-Canadian TV production is a mix of horror, fantasy and science fiction. Each episode is almost independent . So there is no guiding thread.

On the other hand, summaries are given at each end of the season to maintain the logic. Generally, The Outer Limits addresses a concept, both futuristic and scary, of human nature.

True Blood

This creation by Alan Ball is a free adaptation of the novels The Southern Community by Charlaine Harris. The scenes advance the cohabitation of vampires with human beings. Sookie, a young woman with the ability to read other people’s minds , then falls madly in love with Bill, a bloodthirsty man who will change her life forever.

Penny Dreadful

If magic is your thing, chances are you’ll like this fantasy drama. Indeed, Vanessa Ives unites her hypnotic powers with Ethan Chandler, a rebel, and Sir Malcolm, a very wealthy man. The trio aims to eradicate the dark force that is slaughtering the people.

The Kingdom

This Netflix title highlights dramatic and horrific Asian events. Korean celebrities portray characters from the Joseon Period , after the Japanese invasion of Korea. At that time, rumors say that the king is plagued by a dreadful and still unknown disease. This is the beginning of a deadly epidemic. Prince Chang and his bodyguard Moo-Young then try to find a solution against this fate.


If you are fascinated by the world of darkness, this American fantasy offers you 327 episodes rich in chilling experience. With Sam and Dean, dive into the quest for the supernatural and let yourself be surprised by the mythical and legendary monsters of the United States.

Lovecraft Country

Taken from the novel by Matt Ruff, strongly inspired by the work of the novelist Lovecraft, this series is distinguished from other horror series by its rather overwhelming universe . The plots take place in the 1950s, where racism is part of everyday commonplaces in the United States.

Atticus then travels with Letitia and George in hopes of finding his father. But to survive, they must fight to dodge the wanton violence of white America and fight the carnage of ruthless monsters.

The X-files

Designed for alien fans, The X-Files: On the Edge of Reality investigates UFOs and paranormal phenomena . Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are investigating these still secret cases. Between these two characters lies a difference of opinion. Mulder is convinced that superhuman life forms exist, while Dana is rather skeptical.

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