Horror is a very successful genre, no matter what media you talk about. What makes it so popular is probably the possibility of having terrifying experiences knowing that you are safe. Despite this certainty, it happens to many to not be able to face certain horror video games if not in company.

With the latest technologies that make computer graphics more and more photorealistic , video games of this type have certainly taken advantage of it, but the real strength of a good product lies in immersing the player in the virtual world and making him identify with the protagonist of the story, regardless of the graphics .

Best Horror • Single Player

Horror Games • Best for PC and Console

The previous generations of consoles , especially during the 90s – 00s, have produced many decidedly scary survival-horror that have become cult and that have inspired many of the titles that followed them.

The Silent Hill series is certainly the most famous and revolutionary along with that of Resident Evil , two huge franchises that have given gamers chills for decades and that, even today, continue to populate the first places in any top ten.

Resident Evil 2 Remake

resident evil - best horror

The Resident Evil saga – known in Japan as Biohazard – made history, defining the survival horror genre. The mood, of the first trilogy at least, is that of a trashy action film typical of those years.

With more than just one protagonist, you will explore different places besides the famous Raccoon City and you will face various aberrations, once human beings; you will see body horror transformations !

As you go through the many chapters of the series, you will add more and more pieces to the story of Umbrella, the corporation that caused the spread of the virus .

The Resident Evil 2 remake is certainly one of the best remakes ever produced; however we recommend playing the original versions as well.


outlast - best horror

In Outlast you are a freelance journalist who, after being tipped off by a whistleblower , decides to investigate a psychiatric hospital by going there in person.

If this weren’t enough to give goosebumps, knowing that the settings and characters are inspired by real asylums and real cases of criminal healthcare makes everything more creepy .

There is no way to defend yourself from the horrors that lurk around every corner, you can only escape. The gameplay is stealth with parkour-inspired platform elements : on the other hand, they are the same developers of Uncharted , Assassin’s Creed and Prince of Persia !


PT - best horror

PT ( Playable Teaser ) is a legend that is still talked about years later.

The project of the great Hideo Kojima – which served as a trailer for the new Silent Hill entrusted to him by Konami and as a demonstration of what he was capable of – traps you in a terrifying loop , in a house of which little more than a corridor can be explored.

With each spin, something has changed and you will have to find a way to trigger the next event .

Alien: Isolation

alien isolation - best horror

Alien: Isolation puts you in the shoes of Amanda Ripley , Ellen’s daughter, as she investigates her mother’s disappearance. Set 15 years after the events of the first film, it perfectly reflects the spirit and the attention to detail is remarkable.

The artificial intelligence of the Xenomorph hunting you is brilliant. Not only is he extremely smart, but the AI ​​learns from the player’s moves , making escape more and more difficult. You will feel hunted and on the verge of a nervous breakdown, constantly being watched by an immortal alien threat .

Dead Space

dead space - best horror

Maybe opening mines on alien planets isn’t a good idea, and Isaac Clarke – an engineer on a space repair mission – knows a lot.

In Dead Space the dead come back to life as necromorphs and only by dismembering their limbs will you be able to kill them.

The spectacular zero-gravity combat will allow you to attack from any direction, but the enemy can do it too.

Silent Hill 2

silent hill - best horror

Unquestionably the best chapter of the series – and the darkest – touching themes and psychological depths that leave an indelible trace.

The protagonist of each chapter is the city itself, with its iconic fog (an idea that was born to hide the very long loading times of the Playstation ): a mysterious place where the fears and traumas of those who visit it take shape.

In this chapter, James Sutherland receives a letter from his deceased wife, who invites him to meet her in Silent Hill . While exploring the city he will face monsters who embody his phobias , guilt and hidden desires.

All this, embellished by the masterful sound of the master Akira Yamaoka , equally iconic and which, in effect, is an integral part of the setting .

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

amnesia - best horror

For many , Amnesia: The Dark Descen t was one of the most impactful indies ever produced.

The protagonist, Daniel, has no memories of his past and suffers from panic attacks , which you will have to learn to manage. The unstable view perfectly mirrors Daniel’s confused state and gives the player the same feeling.

In addition to the creatures that inhabit the castle you will explore, the dark is also an enemy : being afraid of it for a long time will affect the sanity bar , as well as encountering monsters and witnessing disturbing events.

Low levels of sanity cause visual and auditory hallucinations . That noise you heard a while ago … was it true or is it all in your head?

Online horror games for PC and Console

Before online became the means by which to play with friends , we would meet in the bedroom and pass the controller, usually when we were too scared to continue.

Getting scared together with friends, laughing at them and confronting your fears is one of the keys that make horror multiplayer so famous on the net and also appreciated by casual gamers .

Below is the list of some of the best online horror games on gaming and console platforms. Whether you prefer the adrenaline of shooters or the tension of survival , in this list you will surely find what is right for you. Hope you’re not too sensitive to splatter or gore !

Left 4 Dead 2

left 4 dead 2 - best horror

Left 4 Dead needs no introduction. Released in 2009 by Valve , it is still popular on Steam today and is considered one of the best video games ever . It’s a first person shooter ( FPS ) set in a post-pandemic world where four survivors try to escape through five campaigns .

The lightning-fast and endless hordes of zombies make cooperation indispensable. The variety of infected, some far more dangerous than others, will force you to ask your friends for help often.

You’ll soon learn to recognize the Witch’s cry and the Boomer’s harassing sounds, but fear not: AI Director 2.0 adjusts gameplay and spawns based on player performance.

Dead By Daylight

dead by daylight - best horror

If you are a fan of horror slasher movies , Dead By Daylight is a must in your collection . It is an asymmetrical survival horror whose games are made up of two teams for a total of 5 players: 4 survivors and 1 killer.

What makes the gameplay dynamic is that every killer and every survivor has unique abilities . Mastering the large amount of playable characters takes time, but you will find your own playstyle .

In addition to those present in the base game, there are many DLCs dedicated to the famous killers of cinema and video games, such as: Michael Myers, Pyramid Head, Ghostface, Freddy Krueger and many others …

Killing Floor 2

killing floor 2 - best horror

Also in Killing Floor 2 you will have to be ready to take on waves of terrifying creatures, called Zeds , smashing them with a variety of weapons that offer decidedly splatter animations – you will see a lot of blood and limbs flying all over the place – to the accompaniment of a metal soundtrack .

There are 10 classes to choose from and level up, but upgrades require some griding .

The adrenaline-pumping gameplay is also enjoyable in single player , but it is certainly not the best mode of this game. Much more fun to play with friends in Versus Mode : a team of civilians and one of Zed will face each other in multiple stages and slaughter each other.


phasmophobia - best horror

Ever wanted to go ghost hunting and get paid handsomely for it? In Phasmophobia you play the role of a paranormal investigator , alone or accompanied in co-op by 3 other players.

Equipped with electromagnetic field (EMF ) meters, infrared, spirit boxes , UV flashlights and other purchasable items, players can communicate locally or globally via voice chat and walkie-talkie.

Beware, though! Phasmophobia supports speech recognition and ghosts are able to hear your voice and recognize certain keywords.


GTFO - best horror

GTFO is a first person shooter (FPS) that focuses on difficulty and the need to focus in order to survive. It is not a run-and-gun , you need to have a strategy and organize weapons and equipment together with your companions before embarking on an expedition.

You are one of the prisoners sent on a patrol by a mysterious figure called the Guardian, to a base called the Complex, which is located on a mysterious asteroid teeming with scary creatures.

Collaborate or die while completing the mission, and most of all… get the f *** out !

Hunt: Showdown

hunt showdown- best horror

Set in the late 19th century, in Hunt: Showdown you are a Louisiana bounty hunter in search of the hideous and ferocious monsters that haunt the bayou.

You will, however, have to be careful of all the other hunters: once they have pocketed the bounty, they will try to blow it.

Matches mix PvP and PvE elements, and your gear will be at risk every time. Death is permanent and you will lose, along with the character, everything he owns.

Free horror games • Best Free-to-play

Free-to-play video games do not always meet certain expectations and perhaps last very little. The titles proposed below, however, are all valid and can entertain for hours. What are you waiting for? Run on Steam and… Start the game!

Cry Of Fear

cry of fear - best horror

Initially a Half-Life mod , now a totally free stand-alone, Cry of Fear is a first-person psychological horror in which, in addition to the single-player campaign , is accompanied by a co-op scenario that follows a parallel plot .

Heavily influenced by Silent Hill , it presents the same dynamic of the transition between normal reality and that of the nightmare.

You will play as a young man named Simon Henrikson who wakes up after a car accident in a gloomy Scandinavian city . To cross it and return home you will have to face monsters and solve puzzles .

The distressing settings and the soundtrack that winks at the iconic dark ambient of the master Akira Yamaoka are noteworthy.

No More Room In Hell

no more room in hell - best horror

Another worthy Half Life mod is No More Room In Hell , this one based on George Romero ‘s films .

It’s a very realistic zombie -themed FPS where you don’t have to be in a hurry, but proceed slowly and carefully.

A single bite causes an infection and it is up to you to decide whether to warn your mates or not. Either way, don’t lose sight of them or the walkie-talkies will stop working. This is thanks to the limited distance communication function .


deceit - best horror

Deceit is a first-person horror social deduction game similar to Among Us , compared to which it was released a year earlier. Likewise, it is multiplayer that is much more fun when played with friends rather than strangers.

At the sound of the game master ‘s voice , you wake up in an unfamiliar room with five other people, a third of whom are infected with a virus .

Playing innocent , reach the exit through thrilling maps and collaborate with others to devise a strategy , obtain items and weapons and kill suspects.

The infected , on the other hand, will have to gain the trust of others – thus avoiding being voted on – sabotage them and get to the end of the area, where the game master will cause a blackout during which it is possible to transform into the form of terror necessary to kill.

Unfortunate Spacemen

unfortunate spacemen - best horror

Betrayals and deceptions in space? We will never get enough. Unfortunate Spacemen is an indie investigative in which a group of astronauts try to survive on a space station .

Choose whether to start the game as an astronaut or monster , customize your character, select his perks (advantages) and complete the objectives.

If you are a fan of cosmetics it will be a joy to collect the numerous items for astronauts and skins for monsters, totally free . The game maps also vary, for a total of 15 alien locations.

You can also customize the graphics via a settings screen by changing the blur , anti-aliasing and more or choose the potato mode , which sets everything to a minimum.

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