Do you plan to take a short tour of Europe this summer? Do you want to discover nuggets in the four corners of the European continent? Here is a selection of the most beautiful city in Europe among 30 destinations not to be missed for their beauty.

#1 Paris, France

paris city break

If Paris was already among my ranking of the most beautiful city in France, it was obvious that it was also in my selection of the most beautiful city in Europe . It is undoubtedly the most visited city in the world but also the richest in historical, artistic or architectural heritage.

A true symbol of romanticism, the city does not lose its charm and still appeals to tourists in search of art, history and love.

#2 Berlin, Germany

most beautiful city in europe

Berlin is the city of culture and nightlife par excellence, hence why it could easily be the most beautiful city in Europe . Renowned for its festivities, it is the destination of choice for visitors looking for activities, culture and culinary specialties.

Of course, Berlin is also the heart of the history of the two World Wars where you can discover the strong places in anecdotes and memories with for example the Berlin wall and its East Side Gallery, the Jewish memorial or Checkpoint Charlie.

#3 Lisbon, Portugal

most beautiful city in europe

To fill up on the sun, head to Lisbon in Portugal. It is undoubtedly the most beautiful city in Europe when it comes to the beauty of its streets, its monuments and its culture in general. It is undoubtedly a destination of choice if you want to take advantage of the summer period as it should be and discover Portuguese culture with a dose of dance, Fado singers or even traditional music.

#4 Budapest, Hungary

most beautiful city in europe

For a gourmet and relaxing trip, I advise you to take a trip to Budapest . On the program, discover the famous synagogues, the Varosliget park or the very popular thermal baths.

For foodies and revelers, head to the city’s “ruin bars” to enjoy the atmosphere and enjoy a goulash to fill you up.

#5 London, United Kingdom


London was necessarily in my selection of the most beautiful city in Europe . Not only is its culture one of the most popular in the world, but the city’s influences give it a charm that never ceases to seduce visitors.

Also known as the “world-city”, it is the ideal city to discover many cultures in one place and to discover all the famous monuments that make it a real beauty.

#6 Prague, Czech Republic


It is very often nicknamed the “magical capital of Europe”, Prague is a real architectural and cultural treasure in Europe. Between Baroque churches, Art Nouveau buildings, impressive synagogues and the Charles Bridge, it will be difficult to remain indifferent to so much beauty.

For shopping enthusiasts, it is in Prague that you will find the most beautiful jewelry, the most beautiful porcelain and the most beautiful wooden toys.

#7 Rome, Italy

Direction Italy and more precisely to Rome , the most beautiful city in Europe for its very famous Roman atmosphere that we love so much. The destination of choice to discover all the historical, cultural and artistic heritage of the country.

On the program, the Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum , Villa Borghese, the Campo de Fiori flower market, the Pantheon and many more!

#8 Barcelona, ​​Spain

The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

If you want to sunbathe, come and discover Barcelona , ​​known for its festivities and nightlife. The most beautiful city

of Europe in terms of exceptional monuments, 8 of which are even listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Whether you are alone, with family or friends, it is a city that adapts to everyone and that will satisfy even the most demanding. Bonus point for its proximity to France since in no time you can get there.

#9 Amsterdam, Netherlands

where to go as a couple for the weekend

Amsterdam is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Europe thanks to its many canals and museums. Not only is its architecture remarkable, but the cultural heritage is also very impressive.

You will therefore be delighted to come and visit Amsterdam with the multitude of museums that await you. Among the most popular are the Van Gogh Museum, the Anne Frank House, the Cannabis Museum and the Rijkmuseum. But you also enjoy cycling through the city and discovering all the steep little streets lined with narrow houses.

#10 Dublin, Ireland

Dublin most beautiful city in Europe

Direction Dublin to discover a completely different culture and a completely different heritage. The city offers you plenty of cobbled streets, traditional pubs and street art and plenty of opportunities to sample a Guinness.

The opportunity to come and soak up the good atmosphere of Irish pubs and meet the locals who are always happy and delighted to meet visitors from the other side of the world. For a favorite spot, go to the Temple Bar district or the covered market of Geoges Street Arcade.

#11 Vienna, Austria

surprise trip for valentine's day

For art lovers, Vienna is undoubtedly the most beautiful city in Europe . It is the Mecca of museums and art collections. Go for a walk to the Museum Quartier to fill up on knowledge or to the Hofburg Palace, Schönbrunn Palace or even the Austrian Palace of Versailles.

#12 Madrid, Spain


Spain is a country full of beautiful cities and Madrid is obviously among the most beautiful. Third city of the European Union, the capital of Spain is full of architectural, historical and cultural beauties.

But what also brings a lot of charm to Madrid is undoubtedly its good atmosphere and its many terraces to enjoy the sun. For night owls, go for a walk in the Latina and Arguelles districts where there are many bars and clubs.

#13 Krakow, Poland


Krakow is the most beautiful city in Europe that everyone wants to visit in recent years. Between its typical alleys, its old buildings and its many monuments to visit, you will have plenty to keep you busy throughout your stay.

If you love history, this is the destination of choice for your next vacation. During your visit, do not hesitate to visit the large central square which is one of the most beautiful in Europe.

#14 Reykjavik, Iceland

For magic and a total change of scenery, head for Iceland and more precisely Reykjavik . The high place of Icelandic design but also breathtaking landscapes with in particular Lake Tjörnin.

But it is also a city full of history and know-how, it has many art galleries and design concept stores. For a dose of architecture, pay a visit to the ultra-modern Hallgrìmskirkja church, you won’t be disappointed.

#15 Istanbul, Turkey


Also nicknamed Byzantium or Constantinople, Istanbul is an essential city full of charm. It is the ideal destination for history buffs as it is full of incredible monuments and museums. On the program, discover the Hagia Sophia, Topkaip Palace and Taksim Square.

#16 Florence, Italy


Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and it was obvious that Florence is in my selection of the most beautiful city in Europe . Lovers of art and gastronomy will therefore be delighted with this destination.

It is here that you will discover the beauty of the famous Duomo of the Santa Maria Del Fiore cathedral, the Uffizi gallery or the Accademia gallery. For a gourmet break, savor cannolis from Caffè Neri or a typical Florentine pizza at Pizzacchiere.

#17 Copenhagen, Denmark

what to do in copenhagen as a couple?

For the perfect blend of gastronomy, design and cultural heritage, Copenhagen is the destination for you. The city has successfully combined history and modernity and is full of museums, art galleries and restaurants. For the record, 17 of the city’s restaurants are starred in the Michelin Guide. Something to delight gourmets in search of new culinary discoveries.

#18 Zagreb, Croatia

Road trip in Croatia

Zagreb has been one of the most popular cities for partygoers in recent years since its nightlife is very famous there. But the city also holds all its beauty in its architectural and cultural heritage. You can notably discover its colorful streets, the Ban Jelacic square, the Saint-Marc church or even the museum of broken relationships.

#19 Stockholm, Sweden


There is no doubt that the Scandinavian countries are full of wonders to visit at all costs. This is particularly the case with the city of Stockholm in Sweden. A green city very popular with travelers in search of nature, art and photography.

Among the must-see places, take the opportunity to visit the royal palace, the island of Södermalm, the Fotografiska photo museum or the archipelago.

#20 Thessaloniki, Greece

most beautiful city in europe

For holidays strictly speaking, direction Thessaloniki in Greece, famous for its festivities where life is good. The activities not to be missed will be the visit of the White Tower, the discovery of the Ladadika district or the many beaches near the city.

Otherwise, do not miss an opportunity to taste typical tzatziki or ouzo, the local pastis.

#21 Ljubljana, Slovenia


If Slovenia is not usually a destination that we think of directly, it is nevertheless a magnificent country that it would be a shame not to come and visit. This is particularly the case for its capital Ljubljana which is the most beautiful city in Europe according to its inhabitants.

The historic center is a real marvel and its monuments are all more beautiful than the other. But it is also thanks to the benevolence and hospitality of the locals that the city becomes even more charming.

#22 Porto, Portugal

Back in Portugal, in the small fishing town of Porto . A very attractive and romantic city that will delight visitors in search of calm and authentic landscapes.

Here, there are colorful houses, picturesque markets, unspoilt beaches and also many museums. Among the most popular, take a trip to the Palacio de Bolsa or the Porto cellars.

#23 Lugano, Switzerland

most beautiful city in europe lugano

I couldn’t make a selection of the most beautiful city in Europe without mentioning Switzerland, and in particular Lugano . Although it is not the best known city, it is undoubtedly the most charming.

Whether its Lake Lugano, its piazza della Riforma or its Di San Lorenza cathedral, you will easily be charmed by the beauty of the city and the Italian culture that emanates from its heritage and its streets.

#24 Bruges, Belgium

Also known as the “Venice of the North”, Bruges is a small city listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was therefore obvious to mention it here since its medieval town center and its 13th century belfry will seduce history buff visitors.

Bonus point for walks along the canals where no car is allowed. Ideal to come and relax after a long day of sightseeing!

#25 Lyons, France

Lyon is one of the most popular cities of the French and is very often nicknamed the little Paris of the country. It is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is considered the capital of gastronomy.

Gourmets will therefore be delighted to come and discover the famous Halles Bocauses and try all the “bouchons” in the city, typical Lyonnais restaurants.

#26 Edinburgh, Scotland

For holidays under the sign of nature and history, head to Edinburgh . You can take the opportunity to visit the old medieval town, its medieval castle but also the new town in Georgian style.

For a little green break, you will have no trouble finding a green space since the city has a lot of them. Finally, take a trip to one of the town’s pubs to enjoy the atmosphere and meet the locals.

#27 Chania, Crete


Chania is a real haven of peace that it would be a shame to miss if you are on vacation in Crete. The colorful historic center, the steep streets and its picturesque port will undoubtedly seduce the most romantic among us.

Come and discover Stavanger out of season so you can meet the locals and appreciate the real atmosphere of the city.

#28 Ohrid, Macedonia


Not far from the Albanian border, Ohrid is an authentic and incredible small town in Macedonia. Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it will seduce you with its Lake Ohrid, its winding streets and its white facades.

The old town remains the go-to spot if you want to avoid the tourists and enjoy the authentic vibe of Orhid.

#29 Tallin, Estonia


Tallin is one of the smallest capitals in Europe since it has only 500,000 inhabitants. But for all that, it is a magnificent city rich in history. It also has a very well preserved historic center where the fortifications are still very present. But the most striking will be the city in general which gives you the impression of having jumped back in time and more precisely in the Middle Ages. Change of scenery guaranteed!

#30 Stavanger, Norway


Although Stavanger is known for being one of the most oil-rich cities in Europe, it is nonetheless one of the most beautiful cities on the continent. The majority of the city has extremely white houses with only one street where the facades are all colored.

But Stavanger is also the destination of choice when it comes to discovering one of the wonders of Norway: Preikestolen. It is only a few kilometers from the city.

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