This Tuesday, February 1, 2022 was celebrated around the world as the Chinese New Year , placed under the sign of the Tiger. On this occasion, Chinese families gather around a delicious meal to celebrate the New Year. Chinese cuisine is considered one of the most famous and varied. It is plural, we should actually call them “Chinese cuisines” so they are varied. Discover the flavors and embark on a tasty culinary journey, with multiple recipes, synonymous with the richness of this country.

We present all the secrets of this exceptional cuisine , where soy, tofu, rice and duck are synonymous with delicious meals around a well-stocked table.

Traditional dishes to taste

The history and art of cooking in China is millenary and very important for the Chinese. During the celebration of the Chinese New Year, the people of China and the Chinese people from all over the world gather and come together over traditional popular foods and dishes of fish, meat (pork, chicken, beef), rice, tofu, wheat and vegetables, which are eaten using the famous Chinese chopsticks. Food in China is very varied . The many Chinese cuisines promise you an explosion of flavors .

Le Nectar introduces you to the popular dishes and ingredients found on a table during the traditional Chinese New Year meal . You will find on the table fish, dumplings, spring rolls, tangyuan (sweet rice balls), niangao (glutinous rice cake), noodles and lucky fruits (kumquat, tangerines). The specialties vary according to the location, north, south, east, west, thus making China’s gastronomy unique.



The history of Chinese cuisine

Traditional Chinese cuisine has its origins at the very beginning of our era.

The influence of Chinese history is closely linked to the evolution and development of Chinese cuisine. This one developed a lot because the culture and the Chinese company puts forward the culinary tradition . There are eight major schools of Chinese cuisine, divided as follows by region. These eight regions are called the Bada Caixi . We find the following regions: Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Hunan and Sichuan.

Eating habits change according to the regions: in the north, people eat saltier, in the south sweeter. In the east the food will be more sour while in the west it will be spicier. Very strongly influenced by the many dynasties that have succeeded each other in China, Chinese cuisine is varied and linked to agriculture and regional culture. The Han dynasty, the North and South dynasty, Tang dynasty, Ming dynasty… all these dynasties have profoundly influenced and marked the history of Chinese gastronomy.

Why are we a fan of Chinese cuisine?

In France, Asian cuisine and Chinese cuisine in particular has become one of the favorites of the French in just a few years. In the early 2000s, Chinese restaurants multiplied and offered many dishes from various backgrounds. The French were not mistaken: it very quickly became their favorite world cuisine. Chinese cuisine, and more generally Asian cuisine, is renowned for its health. Cooking is usually done by steaming , regularly setting aside oil and fat. Dishes with rice, cereals and vegetables also make excellent tasty and balanced meals. The presence of many fish rich in omega 3 reinforces the healthy and balanced appearanceChinese cuisine.

Reputed to be healthier, it also enjoys unparalleled diversity: the many regions and Chinese specialties leave no one indifferent. China’s vastness and diversity make Chinese cuisine so special and appreciated, because everyone can find a dish that suits them and that they will like. The appearance of more and more famous restaurants, seeking stars, in the big cities of France, only amplifies the popularity of Chinese gastronomy and the influence of China.



Thanks to the influence of Chinese cuisine in France, there are now many restaurants offering Asian cuisine . More and more restaurants are developing around varied and delicious concepts and cuisines. Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laotian, Thai cuisine… you will find an unparalleled diversity.

Asian cuisine allows you to vary your diet and to turn away from the dishes that we eat regularly by bringing us new and delicious flavors. Indulge !

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