On this page you will discover the buying guide to the best iRobot Roomba robot vacuum cleaners of 2021 . Read on to find out all the information you need to choose your new home cleaning assistant.

Introduction to the buying guide

Many will have heard of how much easier life becomes with the purchase of a robot vacuum cleaner.

A similar appliance is much more than what one might think: the latest innovations in technology, engineering and robotics have in fact led to the possibility of creating unique products that in a single solution are able to understand the most disparate cleaning methods. : from simple vacuuming , to washing floors with humidification included , and also always with a mapping of the space to be cleaned, which, once programming is complete, allows you to not have to make any effort knowing that cleaning the house is safe in the hands of a iRobot Roomba robot vacuum cleaner .

iRobot, a look at the company

IRobot company logo

iRobot (Official Italian website) is one of the leaders in the cleaning robotics sector, and this position has led her to see its products also used for particular scientific and exploratory missions that have contributed to the enlargement of the heritage of human knowledge .

It is no coincidence that 25 million robots have been sold since 2002 to simplify the lives of people living in the most unthinkable places in the world.

A global success achieved thanks to a philosophy of creation and production inextricably linked to the latest innovations in research and innovation that has always led to offering buyers robots capable of fully identifying the best way to clean at minimum consumption: a green choice that combines with the simplicity with which these robots can be used by the most diverse types of people.

Why choose a Roomba robot vacuum cleaner

A Roomba in action on a carpet

The decision to focus on the purchase of a Roomba series robot vacuum cleaner is what has changed the way many people take life at home.

Only this innovative range of products conceived by the team of designers and engineers of iRobot is in fact able to offer the possibility of combining in a single and single product all the functions related to the many different needs that relate to the maintenance of always clean and clean domestic surfaces. sanitized.

The only real possibility to buy products that after a few months are not already obsolete in the face of a changing market that always innovates constantly.

The only series of robot vacuum cleaners available on the market in which all functions are enhanced to maximum efficiency and the guarantee of a very high level of performance.

Which series to choose

The iRobot robot vacuum cleaners of the Roomba series are many, and the vast offer reflects the company’s ability to constantly renew its products to align them with the latest discoveries in robotic technology and engineering.

As you will soon notice by looking for some more information on the models on the market, the Roomba 500 series model is still on the market, but without any doubt if you do not want to limit yourself to less efficient products than the new releases, it will be good to prefer the models belonging to the series ranging from 600 upwards .

The series on which it is good to deepen and understand a little more are therefore the following:

600 series

A model that, thanks to the double brush present, is specialized in eliminating even the most insidious dirt residues, also deposited on particularly problematic surfaces such as carpets and rugs.

A very smart solution with excellent mapping capabilities and automatic identification of the dirty areas of the surfaces to be cleaned, thanks to special sensors.

700 series

A real avant-garde of i-tech lies precisely in this series of iRobot products that adapts with extreme flexibility to all types of programming and mapping. A series of models equipped with an intelligent computerized system that takes a lot of effort from those who choose it.

800 series

The most suitable series for those looking for in addition to the basic suction functionality also all the possibilities of cleaning in three different phases that this series is able to ensure, with the incomparable results of a deep cleaning and equal to that which could be obtained with many hours. of hard work.

900 series

A model that stands out from the others for its high capacity for mapping and identifying dirt through the appropriate sensors, a complex system of brushes that allows many different types of cleaning interventions. Perfect for those looking for maximum connectivity with all contemporary home automation systems.

Series S

The best series there is, capable of guaranteeing an extremely deep cleaning, with a technology at the maximum of artificial intelligence that is able to clean up to the most hidden corners, remembering to pay more attention to the areas of the house that tend to accumulate the dirty like door entrances, or the areas underneath the raised beds, or even a closet where you usually enter less letting go of the accumulation of dust.

With the absolute excellence of returning to the base to clean yourself completely autonomously, then delivering a bag ready to be thrown away without any further effort.

Series E

The series for those who have a pet whose hair must be kept under control to always have clean surfaces throughout the house. Washable comfortably with water and equipped with two brushes in particular plastic composition.

How to choose an iRobot Roomba robot vacuum cleaner

HEPA filters supplied

The first element to look at in order to make a choice that you will not regret when it is time to buy the best product available at the lowest cost will undoubtedly be the presence or absence of HEPA air filters .

A particular type of dust filter that iRobot products are equipped with that uses an extremely innovative technology developed in recent years that is able to remove over 99.7% of residual dirt particles up to even unthinkable measures. equal to 0.3 microns.

Speaking even more clearly, it is only with this type of filter that only 3 tiny particles of germs and bacteria manage to escape out of over 99,997 collections: an opportunity to clean your homes that you absolutely cannot miss.

Suction technology

Vacuuming a Roomba

As for the specific suction technologies to be known, in relation to the models of the 700 Series, one cannot help but know that they are equipped with the AeroVac Series 2 : that is, a filter system patented by iRobot consisting of two filters. and able to increase the power of the air flow involved in the suction so as to ensure that an increasing amount of hair, hair, and general dirt is collected, thus leaving a perfectly clean surface.

As for the products of the 800 Series and also those of the 900 Series, it should be remembered that they are equipped with the suction technology called AeroForce , capable of suctioning guaranteeing 50% more than the average level of performance.

With a speed of over 600 revolutions per minute , this system guarantees a power 5 times higher than the average of that guaranteed by other products.

Navigation technology

Roomba navigation technology

The mapping is then the strong point of all the Roomba even if some have these features with better performance and better levels of connectivity.

All the models of the various series are able to map all the rooms to be cleaned, to return to the charging base when necessary, and also to identify residual dirt through specific high-tech sensors.

Smart functionality and remote control

Roomba remote control

Another factor to consider will then be that of smart features and remote control . Precisely on this point you will be able to understand how much effort will allow you to avoid the purchase of this type of robot.

All models are still compatible with the connection to the appropriate iRobot Home app, through which you can manage all the cleaning planning, but the robots also adapt without problems to be adjusted and controlled remotely via smartphones and voice assistants and as well remote controls.

The last element to check will therefore always be that Alexa, Siri and Google assistant are also among the home automation devices with which the robots are compatible.

Design, materials and dimensions

The materials with which all the models of the various series are always composed, created and designed are all of the latest generation and especially designed to ensure maximum performance in terms of cleaning and sanitation while keeping noise levels to a minimum both during charging. that especially during the action.

Precisely for these first reasons it will always be pleasant to have an iRobot product that takes care of cleaning at home, not only without causing any kind of disturbance but also showing its dynamic and futuristic lines, always played on round shapes, which only for the S series extend to more complex shapes to reach all corners.

Reviews of the best Roomba iRobots

This is the updated ranking of the best iRobot Roomba robot vacuum cleaners :

  • iRobot Roomba 605
  • iRobot Roomba 671
  • iRobot Roomba e5154
  • iRobot Roomba 960
  • iRobot Roomba 971 – Robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner
  • iRobot Roomba 981
  • iRobot Roomba i7156
  • iRobot Roomba i7+ i7556

iRobot Roomba 605

iRobot Roomba 605

The guarantees of a company that has many years of experience in the world, always in constant updating and innovation of home automation and robotics, materialize in this iRobot product.

A creation in line with the latest innovations in the sector at an engineering and technological level: this model has in fact 3 different modes that can be set according to the most diverse needs related to the spaces to be cleaned in your homes.

In fact, the Roomba 605 robot begins its cleaning processes with a capillary suction capable of acting even on the most complex surfaces such as carpets and rugs.

Every minimum residue of dirt will therefore be eliminated from the floors also thanks to an automatic and completely autonomous adjustment managed directly by the computerized system present in the robot.

A double brush therefore makes cleaning extremely effective.

In addition to this, this product stands out from the others for the Dirt Detect sensor system, able to implement a direct recognition of those parts of the surface to be cleaned that are dirtiest.

A robot that unlike many other models does not require complex programming and is instead able to autonomously organize all the cleaning work.

iRobot Roomba 671

iRobot Roomba 671

A model that stands out for its extremely elegant design is instead this solution to be considered optimal despite the price being slightly higher than the others. The guarantee of quality is provided by the always innovative professionalism of iRobot, and in fact this model is also in line with the latest international design innovations.

The functionality that distinguishes it from other models is that of being able to manage all the phases of cleaning the rooms of any space through the possible connectivity with a convenient app called iRobot Home , on which many different types of maps can be developed even for the same set. of spaces, so as to be able to program a differentiated cleaning throughout the course of the week.

With this model it is therefore possible to choose where the robot must concentrate its cleaning activities. It will therefore be optimal to set it so that it goes more often to places where dust often accumulates, such as under the bed or in a closet.

A versatile choice that is well suited to those who want to forget any worries in relation to house cleaning, entrusting everything to the monthly work schedule of their Roomba 671 .

iRobot Roomba e5154

iRobot Roomba e5154

The product that guarantees maximum performance despite the high costs that while maintaining an excellent value for money is precisely this creation of iRobot called Roomba e5154 .

In fact, only this device has all the features integrated into the other models but enhanced to an unparalleled level that makes the cleaning results obtained with it unbeatable and above all unmatched compared to those obtained with the others.

This robot is therefore certainly ideal for all those who own a dog whose coat often stays around all the most unthinkable places in the house. In addition to being able to be easily connected with all the programming systems of the iRobot apps, this model is also able to manage all the cleaning plans in absolute autonomy.

Special sensors prevent it from falling down the stairs , making it suitable for homes or workplaces which, despite being on several floors, always want to maintain maximum hygiene and cleanliness for the well-being of all those who live or work there.

A solution for which it is therefore certainly worth investing a few more money: ensuring maximum efficiency and performance.

iRobot Roomba 960

irobot roomba 960 robot vacuum cleaner

Another model that can certainly be counted among the excellences of iRobot is the Roomba 960 model , this too has many enhanced features, among which without any doubt possible the power of the motor stands out which just to create this type of domestic robot was raised to 10,000 revolutions per minute.

This option is ideal for those who want to focus everything on the mapping of their home and therefore on a performance of the robot at the highest quality with the minimum expenditure of energy. A green choice that could therefore be optimal for those who want to invest a few more money first, knowing that the savings will then be ready to be seen on the costs of electricity bills.

A rich and varied series of many different modes and brushes makes it a very versatile product that is also well suited to a home with many different types of surfaces.

A robot that manages itself in full autonomy, given that thanks to a computerized system integrated with it, it returns autonomously to the base to recharge as soon as it realizes it does not have enough charge, but, beware, this model is also able to calculate the sufficient charge based on the scheduled cleaning needs: maximum savings are therefore guaranteed in all senses.

iRobot Roomba 971 – Robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner

iRobot Roomba 971

An expensive solution that, however, is able to add to the many features present in the other models a possibility designed specifically for washing floors is precisely the Roomba 971 : the model that perfectly enhances precisely this type of cleaning methods, making this model ideal both for those who have a home enriched by the presence of animals, which however sometimes leave hair everywhere, as well as for those who have a house full of children who, unfortunately, sometimes get dirty on the ground.

Precisely this model, thanks to the update aligned with the latest technologies unearthed by engineering innovation, could be the optimal choice to forget any kind of worry in relation to your home, even if it is always crowded with many people of different ages.

The best therefore also to ensure maximum hygiene even for those floors that every day must host children ready to crawl everywhere to play and have fun in serenity in the spaces of the house.

iRobot Roomba 981

irobot roomba 981

Prices also go up when dealing with another iRobot creation that was called the Roomba 981 . However, it is true that this model is compatible both with the appropriate iRobot Home app, as with Google Assistant, as well as with other devices in line with the new forms of home automation such as the famous Alexa from Amazon.

Connectivity is precisely the element on which this solution focuses most, even if it must be said that some choices made in its particular creation make it an absolutely superior model to many others.

In fact, two different types of brushes are integrated into it, which can be activated according to the different cleaning needs, but in addition to this, the “three-phase” cleaning type can also be set directly, which cleans the house completely and flawless without any need for intervention by those who buy this product.

The best, therefore, for those who want to entrust everything to a home cleaning robot without having to really do anything to manage its programming or anything else.

iRobot Roomba i7156

iRobot Roomba i7156

For those looking for a model that, once purchased, is capable of updating in real time to new innovations in the field of home automation and robotics for cleaning the home, the Roomba i7156 is certainly the ideal choice.

An integrated software will in fact be able to update itself in line with the new features made available by the updates that will arrive from the manufacturer.

In addition to all this, this solution is also equipped with an additional side brush and an additional filter as well.

Surely therefore the best for those who, investing first, want to be sure of buying a model that will not be overtaken in a short time by the constant innovations of the world of engineering and technology for home cleaning.

iRobot Roomba i7+ i7556

iRobot Roomba i7+ i7556

Finally, we wanted to keep the model last, which despite being more expensive than all the others is undoubtedly the best ever, able to outperform all the others in terms of performance, quality of design, programming and mapping skills, power, yet for overall convenience. A solution that once purchased guarantees that you will never regret your purchase.

The creation of iRobot Roomba i7 + i7556 is in fact most likely the best product available on the market today as regards the robotic cleaning sector of the house, and also of the large spaces of a company, a shop or even an industrial place.

The only model equipped with an integrated service that allows it to clean itself autonomously, thus taking away from those who buy it even that kind of worry that is usually the only residue of annoyances that remains even for those who buy a good robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner. .

All the functionalities are included in this model at the maximum possible innovation, and a special software is always ready to welcome the news and updates that the parent company often sends directly to the computerized systems integrated in this type of home robot.

Conclusions and final considerations

Therefore, following the many indications given by this series of tips and advice you can only make a purchase you will never regret, for a life in constant improvement.

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