Summer trips by car during the holidays increase considerably and any help that can be offered to drivers is little. The world of applications also offers various solutions for them and from Applicants we echo a list published by the web with the 10 best apps for drivers on iOS and Android.

The methodology for choosing the 10 best apps for drivers has been none other than the number of users that each application has. Of course, if you think something is missing from this list, feel free to leave us a comment. There they go:

Google Maps: who does not know one of the most downloaded apps on iOS and Android in the world? This app was released in 2005 and has been adding features ever since. It has maps in different visions (satellite, relief…), GPS function with voice guidance, routes on foot or by car, information on live traffic incidents, information on public transport… One of its most outstanding functions is Street View, which gives you a photographic vision at street level of the place you are looking for. Download it on the App Store or Play Store.

Waze: it just so happens that Google has bought this application and has incorporated its technology to report traffic incidents live. This free app was created in 2008 and is based on social operation, collecting information from its users. It informs you about accidents, speed controls, points of interest. It also informs you about the price of gasoline in real time in some countries and has voice instructions. Available for free for Android and iOS.iOnRoad: is an augmented reality application that seeks to improve safety in the car. It uses the functions of the GPS device, the video camera and the gyroscope to monitor the situation of a vehicle on the road, alerting the driver when changing lanes. It also measures the distance to the car in front of us, and warns about possible collisions. It is available for iOS (free and paid) and Android (free and paid).

My Car Locator: is an app only available for Android (free and paid) with more than a million users. It is not only useful to locate the place where you have parked the car when you have forgotten it, but also to return to your hotel or any other place. You just have to press a button for the GPS to register on your phone the place you want to return to.

iCarBlackBox: is a paid app (0.89 euros) exclusive to the App Store that acts as a black box for cars. It allows you to immediately record the sequence of an accident through the video, audio, GPS functions and a G impact sensor. In the recording you can review the date and time of the accident, location… Also, in the event of an accident, send an emergency message to your contact list or to 911.

Text’nDrive: This application is available on the Play Store for free or paid. It allows you to answer and write mail in real time thanks to text-to-speech technology. It also turns text messages and emails into a voice message so you can listen to it when you’re driving.My Cars: This free app for Android devices allows you to keep track of your car expenses by mileage. You will be able to manage maintenance, insurance bills, consumption…

Spotify: 50 million users worldwide on both iOS and Android enjoy this music application, with which you can listen to songs up to 15 million songs both online and offline. In this way you are not limited to the radio station on duty.

Torque: this Android app, both in its free and paid versions, will delight the most adept at mechanics. With them you can control various parameters of your car such as CO2 emissions, transmission temperature, travel time, dynamometer. Of course, you will need an additional accessory that connects to the OBD (On Board Diagnostics) unit of your vehicle’s engine to extract the necessary data.

Hatomico: This application manages all the functions of your phone while you are driving. It offers several configuration options such as automatically picking up the phone with incoming calls, reading text messages… It’s only available for Android and it’s free.

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