How many times have you sighed: «I would like to be on an island…», deserted or not, to relax from a period of stress or from the hectic life of a big city. The island itself, in fact, evokes images of the sea, crystal clear waters, uncontaminated nature. In short, the perfect idea of ​​vacation, rest, relaxation and natural beauty.

But which are the most beautiful islands in the world? This time, it is really difficult to choose, also because everyone has their own tastes and memories of their experiences. In our TOP 10 column this week we tried it. Here they are (in our opinion!).

1. Hawaii (United States)

Enter the collective imagination, the Hawaiian Islands evoke dream beaches, verdant mountains, dancers and wreaths of flowers. Well, this dream archipelago deserves our first position for the wonder of its islands, each with different characteristics, able to attract tourists of all kinds, from surfers to those who love to bask in the sun of white beaches lapped by palm trees. . You can choose Big Island , the main island, which stands out for its wild nature, between waterfalls and volcanoes to be explored through adventurous excursions, such as the one that travels on the road to Mauna Loa.

Little Kauai , on the other hand, is known as a “garden island” for its verdant landscapes with canyons like the Waimea ones, extinct volcanoes, including the splendid Wai ‘ale’ ale and thundering waterfalls. In the northwestern part, then, is the famous Napali Coast , 16 km of breathtaking cliffs, made of green mountains overlooking the Pacific. Among its mythical beaches is Poipu Beach , considered among the most beautiful in the United States.

Loved by surfers, the island of Maui also attracts whale watching enthusiasts , as it is a transit point for whales in winter. Finally, the more chaotic Oahu appears as a large metropolis in the middle of the sea, where you can find nightlife, clubs, restaurants, historical and cultural sites and even a splendid park, Diamond Head, with millenary craters.

2. Bali (Indonesia)

Second place for “the island of the Gods”, jewel of Indonesia. One of the most popular holiday destinations for tourists from all over the world, it can boast a millenary culture, temples with irresistible charm, suggestive ceremonies, verdant landscapes, extinct volcanoes, splendid waterfalls, rugged coasts and breathtaking cliffs. Without forgetting the arts, such as painting, music, dance and a deep and engaging spirituality. Of course, there is no shortage of dream beaches. You are spoiled for choice between those of white sand lapped by a crystalline sea, and the tongues of black sand, of volcanic origin.

3. Palawan (Philippines)

The Philippines has a heritage of 7600 tropical islands, each more beautiful than the other, between white sands, waters of incredible colors, a nature in which some of the most particular species in the world live, with a rich biodiversity. Among all, the Palawan Islands stand out , an earthly paradise made of mountain ranges cloaked in lush vegetation, beaches for all tastes, from the wildest to the most romantic, terrestrial and marine limestone caves. And even an underground river, one of the few on Earth.

4. Bora Bora

French Polynesia is the most popular destination for honeymoons. And its breathtaking beauty would be reason enough. But, of all the islands, there is “the most beautiful in the realm”, Bora Bora , with its splendid lagoon separated from the ocean by one of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. Not to mention the incredible color of its pristine waters, which bathe beaches that cannot be more romantic. And, between diving, snorkeling and water sports, you can also take an excursion in the interior, perhaps to discover the majestic Mount Otemaru , between paths and paths that go through tropical valleys and giant palm trees. An island to visit at least once in a lifetime.

5. Sicily (Italy)

International tourism experts agree (and we with them) to include Sicily among the most beautiful islands in the world. And it could only be like this: it has practically everything you could want for a 360-degree holiday: a dream sea, a luxuriant nature, which also includes Etna , the active volcano that offers unique spectacles in the world, nature reserves among the most beautiful and important in the world, such as the Riserva dello Zingaro, wonders such as the Scala dei Turchi and the Rabbit Beach of Lampedusa and the Aeolian Islands . And then villages where time seems to have stopped, like in Marzameni. And, as if all this were not enough, a thousand-year history of which it still jealously preserves the traces, from the Valley of the Temples to Syracuse, which gave birth to Archimedes, from Trapani to Taormina, among Greek, Roman, Norman and Baroque treasures .

6. Santorini (Greece)

White houses, blue sea, fairytale streets and incredible beaches, such as the famous Perissa , with black sand, and Vlychadao , with shades of red. Santorini is the “standard bearer” of the Greek islands and coveted by tourists from all over the world who wish to visit it at least once in their life. And here you can truly experience an unforgettable holiday, including the relaxation of seaside life, visiting picturesque towns such as Firostefani, Imerovigli and Akrotiri , tasting fine wines produced from local vineyards, tasting traditional Greek dishes, including quality fish and cheeses. . Trekking enthusiasts can then venture along the 9 km path that connects Oiain Fia, considered among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean.

7. Hvar (Croatia)

The splendid city-island of Hvar, belonging to Croatia, also enters our TOP 10, a true jewel of history, nature and breathtaking landscapes. Dotted with medieval villages where time seems to stand still, cities with characteristic terracotta roofs, lavender fields, olive groves and dream beaches, lapped by cobalt blue waters, such as those of Milna and Dubovica. History buffs can visit the fortress of Fortica , perched on the hills, in a panoramic position, or the Cathedral of Santo Stefano or the Franciscan monastery. There is also no shortage of entertainment, thanks to a lively nightlife made up of restaurants, including high-level restaurants, clubs and a rich summer calendar of events.

8. Zanzibar (Tanzania)

The magnificent “spice island” located off the east coast of Tanzania is a jewel that emerges from the Indian Ocean. Crossroads of trade between Africa and Asia over the centuries, Zanzibar boasts stunning natural landscapes and rich biodiversity. Among paradisiacal beaches, on which Matemwe and Pongwe stand out , and traditions, such as the suggestive one of the collection of seaweed by local women, you can also go to the discovery of the splendid Jozani-Chwaka Bay National Park , or visit Stone Town, the heart of the island, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its stone houses and its rich past. Without forgetting its cuisine, naturally spicy and rich in flavor.

9. Lofoten (Norway)

Not just islands bathed by “warm” seas with tropical climates. Even those further north have their own charm. Like the splendid Lofoten archipelago , which are located within the Arctic Circle and belong to Norway. To make them enter our TOP 10 are the amazing landscapes made of steep and imposing mountains, jagged coasts and full of coves, where you can see the splendid fishing villages with typical red and sharp roofs. Among them, the main one is Svolvær, which is also an important port. And, between a birdwatching trip, a boat trip on the icy waters of Lake Unstad and a kayak excursion in the midnight sun, how not to miss the unique and breathtaking spectacle of the Northern Lights?

10. Jamaica

Our TOP 10 of the week closes with the reggae island, the wonderful Jamaica , dream of tourists from all over the world for its golden beaches bathed by an emerald green sea, mountains covered with lush rainforests, breathtaking coral reefs and seabed all from explore on long dives. Without forgetting cultural visits to Kingston Town , Negril and Montego Bay , or excursions to the Blue Mountains . Without forgetting the specialties of local cuisine and traditions, whose soundtrack can only be reggae.

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