Whether homemade or frozen, pizza requires optimal cooking of the dough and the ingredients that garnish it. Thanks to these few tips, you are sure to successfully bake your pizza in the oven.

In what type of oven to cook a pizza?

All types of electric ovens can cook a pizza. You can also use the oven of a gas stove or, ideally, a pizza oven. As not everyone can benefit from a pizza oven at home, baking can be quite successful with a traditional oven. Fan-assisted ovens are great for baking pizza . These allow even cooking of the dough and ingredients. If you opt for the oven of your gas stove, bottom cooking is preferred. However, it is necessary to adjust the temperature well so as not to burn the bottom of the dough.

pizza oven gas stove

pizza cooking accessories

The accessories to have for making a pizza

To successfully cook a pizza in an electric oven , bring some practical cooking accessories, such as:

  • A baking tray, shallow and suitable for the size of the oven
  • Parchment paper or baking sheet
  • A spatula to control the cooking of the dough

We do not recommend baking the pizza on the oven rack. Indeed, under the effect of the heat, the dough could “melt” and take the shape of the grid. This will make the pizza very difficult to peel off and serve, and may cause the topping to fall off during baking.

Temperature and cooking method for a homemade pizza

The cooking method and oven temperature are essential for successful baking of pizza in the oven. For a pizza with a fresh crust, choose one of these cooking methods:

  • convection cooking
  • Stirred heat added to bottom or “bottom” cooking
  • Forced or fan-assisted heat, to cook several pizzas at the same time

To cook a frozen pizza, the cooking mode using convection heat is the most effective. To make the dough crispy, you can choose a cooking mode using the bottom hearth in the last minutes. On the temperature side, choose:

  • 220°C for a homemade pizza or with fresh dough
  • 190°C for a frozen pizza

How long does a homemade pizza take to cook?

Homemade pizza takes about fifteen minutes to cook. Regularly checking the underside of the dough by lifting it allows you to check whether it is well cooked or not. If you opt for a convection mode, it takes about 20 minutes for the pizza to be ready. For frozen pizza, rely on the cooking time indicated on the packaging. Check the appearance of the filling from time to time, which must not burn. Finally, be aware that there are ovens with a “pizza” function, which automatically select the cooking time and temperature.

How long does it take to cook a pizza in a static heat oven?

When cooking a homemade pizza or a fresh pizza in a static heat oven, you will need to adapt the heating time to the type of pizza to be cooked. Baking by the sole, that is to say from the bottom of the oven, will guarantee a well-cooked pastry and a delicately golden filling. If the filling must also be cooked (mushrooms, vegetables, etc.), use combined cooking from above and below. The time to cook a pizza with static heat varies depending on its type. Count:

  • Between 20 and 30 minutes at around 230°C for a homemade pizza.
  • Between 10 and 20 minutes at around 200°C for a frozen pizza.
  • No more than 10 minutes for a fresh pre-cooked pizza

The cooking time should not be too long, otherwise the cream or tomato sauce will soak your dough. Also, remember to watch the filling, which should not overcook. Thanks to a static heat oven set to the floor position, your garnish will be preserved. If you want a crispy dough, add a few minutes of cooking from the bottom (by the sole).

How long does it take to cook a pizza in a convection oven?

Fan-assisted heat diffuses the chosen temperature throughout the oven, using a fan placed in the bottom of the tank. It is ideal for cooking frozen pizzas. If your appliance does not have static heat or the sole position, you can also use the convection heat for a homemade or pre-cooked pizza. For proper baking of the pizza in the oven , refer to the time recommended on the packaging. The same goes for the temperature of your oven. pizza cooking timefrozen is about 12 to 15 minutes. However, you will need to watch that the filling does not cook too quickly. Thanks to the rotating heat, the dough will be cooked through and very crispy. The cooking time for a homemade pizza in a convection oven is about 30 to 40 minutes. Whatever the program chosen and the pizza to be cooked, it is important to count the cooking time once your oven is hot. This is when you will need to put the pizza in your oven, then count the time it takes for the dough and topping to be cooked through.

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